Helba1.jpgHelba, a wavemaster.

Wavemasters are the spell-casting, magic using character class of The World and are noted for using long magic rods, or staffs, to cast powerful magic on enemies. Their outfits usually consist of loose, robe-like garb with various symbols etched on the fabric.

[edit] Description

While Wavemasters have no physical skills and weak physical stats, they make up for it somewhat with outstanding magical stats and are the only character class capable of casting the most powerful level 4 spells. Wavemasters are usually a staple to any successful party. They are most often used as healers that stand back while the other party member(s) attack the enemies physically, up close and personal. However, due to their weak physical stats wavemasters do not make good solo players.

[edit] Examples

Some examples of Wavemasters are Mistral, Tsukasa, Elk, BT, Hokuto, and Helba.

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