I. Getting Started
II. [Theta] Chosen Hopeless Nothingness
III. [Theta] Soaring Sky Boundless Abyss
IV. [Lambda] Dolorous Evil Eyed Widows
V. [Lambda] Nameless Seeker's Prarie
VI. [Lambda] Resurrecting Confused Judgement
VII. Phase 2: Innis: The Mirage of Deceit
VIII. [Lambda] Merciless Grieving Furnace
IX. Meeting with Aura - Cubia
X. [Lambda] Shapeless Haunted Holy Ground
XI. [Lambda] Dying Madness Haunted Land
XII. [Lambda] Dazzling Sage's Arctic(Part 1)
XIII. [Lambda] Blooming Promised Walkway
XIV. [Lambda] Dazzling Sage's Arctic(Part 2)
XV. [Lambda] Scattering Fossil's Milestone
XVI. [Lambda] Pulsating Worst Core
XVII. Net Slums
XVIII. Phase 3: Magus: The Propigation
XIX. Optional Dungeon: [Lambda]
XX. Translation of Aura's Emails
XXI. .hack//SIGN Ghosts
XXII. Optional Characters - Natsume
XXIII. Optional Characters - Sanjuro
XXIV. Optional Characters - Gardenia
XXV. Optional Characters - Nuke Usagimaru
XXVI. Optional Characters - Rachel
XXVII. Optional Characters - Marlo


[edit] I. Getting Started

I.Getting Started
A. Intro to the Game - How to move around and some basic tasks
If you’re new to the game and didn’t bring your data over from Part 3, you want to check all the news posts, your email, and the board. To check mail, press X when the Mailer icon is selected. You’ll see a list of mail, and a symbol next to the unread ones. You’ll have mail that you never read, but the game says you have read them so you don’t have to go through them all. Read the unread ones, they are the important ones right now. You’ll get Omega Server added to your list of servers as well as some email from CC Corp. To check the News you do the same as you did for the Mailer, just select News instead. Simple enough. Look at all of the new News articles, all will have a new symbol by then.Now go down to Data and save your game before logging in. To log in, go up to The World tab and press X. You’ll be directed to a page with 3 options: Log In, Boards, and Quit. Quit will take you back to the desktop screen, Boards will take you to the BBS. We’ll go to the BBS later, for now we’ll log in.

B. Use of the Chaos Gates and going to a dungeon
Warp to Delta Server. You do this by going to the spinning circle you warped to Sigma Server with and pressing X. A list will come up, the last thing on the list is Other Server. Select that, and select the triangle, the Greek letter Delta. The second on the list of servers is the Greek letter Theta, for Theta Server. Third is Lambda, for Lambda Server, the last you’ll see is Omega for the Omega server. There will be a check mark next to any server with an event or a field with an event you can see. Ignore the one next to Omega and select Delta. You’ll warp to the Aqua Capitol, Mac Anu, Delta Server’s root town. Explore if you like, then go back to the Chaos Gate. Pull up the menu that allows you to warp again, and select Random Keyword. This will give you an random keyword and the option of warping there. Take note of the level of the area and what element it is. Now, whatever your keyword is, warp there. You’ll be taken to a field. Run around the field for a while. There will be a map in the top right corner, this will have the dungeon and the Spring of Myst labeled on it, along with gold dots for monster portals if you use a Fairy’s Orb. Hit triangle, go to items, and use one. It now shows on the map where monster portals are. Now go to one and fight the monsters. You’ll easily be able to defeat any monster in Delta Server because you start out at a high level in .hack//QUARANTINE. Sometimes these portals will have a treasure chest instead of a monster.

Now locate the dungeon and go there. You’ll get a map of the dungeon, but only the rooms you’ve visited. Use another Fairy’s Orb, and you’ll get a full map of that level of the dungeon. Very useful if you’re in a dungeon with high level monsters. Go to a dungeon room with monsters in it now. Firstly observe that you can’t get out of the room if there’s any portals in it. There’s no way to escape unless you open the portal and defeat the monsters. So go close enough to the portal to open it and let the level 3 monsters try to kill you. Press X to do a basic attack with your swords. Kill all the enemies like that. If you got a treasure chest, go to another room and find some monsters.

Now that you know how to attack, go find some more monsters. When they appear, press triangle and look at your abilities. You should have some abilities, magic, recovery, and data drain. Don’t bother with data drain yet, use one of your magic spells to kill some of them off. Any will work. Notice that you won’t be able to move while you cast your spells, and neither will the enemy you’re casting them on. However everyone else can move. Now get close to another enemy and use an attack that requires you to be close to the enemy. Blazing Wheel, for example, will work. You again should kill them in one attack, as they’re very low level enemies. Now once you’ve killed all your enemies go to the abilities menu again and cast a healing spell on you. If you haven’t imported data from Part 3 you’ll have Pha Repth and Rip Mein. Anything with Repth in the title recovers HP, Rip Mein will revive a dead party member. There are other healing spells you can use as well, but they’ll be covered later. Use Pha Repth on yourself, you will recover all your HP. This could be useful in battle if you’re running low on HP. Now go find more monsters. This time go into your items, hit the right directional button and you’ll be brought to a screen full of your spell cards. Select one and which enemy to use it on. It’ll then cast a spell on them. Each spell card in the description tells you what element it is. Elements and advantages/weaknesses are next.

C. A description of elements and what is weak/strong against what
Most of the attacks you’ll be using have elements attached to them. There are 6 elements: Thunder, Dark, Fire, Wood, Earth, and Water. Here’s what is weak or strong against what:
Thunder > Dark
Dark > Thunder
Earth > Wood
Water > Fire
Fire > Water
Fire and Water are both strong and weak against each other, same goes for Thunder and Dark, but Earth overpowers Wood. What overpowers Earth then? The world may never know...
Each monster will also have a small icon next to its name, one for the monster’s respective element. They each look different, check your manual for the exact symbol.

D. Status ailments
There are a variety of status ailments you can both cast on opponents and have some monsters cast on you. Charm and paralysis are the nastiest, charm makes you attack allies until they cure you, paralysis doesn’t allow your character move at all. Status ailments prevent you from using items and magic as well, the only way to cure them is to either have a team mate use a restorative or antidote(depending on if it’s a physical ailment or not), or for some you can wait until the effect wears off(like paralysis). There are also healing spells you can cast to heal your team mates of these. Rip Teyn and Rip Sinc; Rip Teyn does the same as an antidote, Rip Sinc does the same as a restorative. Note that using one restorative will cure all the ailments it can at one time, same with an antidote. Antidotes are only used for physical ailments, such as poison and paralysis. Restorative cures magical ailments such as charm.

That about concludes the beginner’s tutorial, the rest you’ll have to figure out yourself

[edit] X. [Lambda] Shapeless Haunted Holy Ground

You'll get email from Piros, he's apparently found "the location of the cat player that humiliated him", [Lambda] Shapeless Haunted Holy Ground. Add him to your party, I used Elk as well, and warp to the dungeon. If you want to avoid the obnoxious "Piros's Theme," call your Grunty to the field.

[edit] XI. [Lambda] Dying Madness Haunted Land

Log out and check your mail. Blackrose tells you the boards are back online, and that you should probably check them. Do so, and read the Epitaph of Twilight thread. Then log back in. Blackrose will be waiting for you in Carmina Gadelica, and tell you she emailed someone named 01 about it, and they're waiting for a reply. Now log back out and check your mail. Someone named Linda will send you something about a place Balmung was investigating with Orca. Balmung is still looking into it. It's located at [Lambda] Dying Madness Haunted Land. Take Blackrose and Elk there. It's protected, so you'll need 1 D core, 1 F core, 1 N core, and 2 B cores.

[edit] XII. [Lambda] Dazzling Sage's Arctic(Part 1)

Check your email. You'll have gotten one from Blackrose who tells you about a player she knows that knows someone called Wiseman, who knows about the Epitaph of Twilight. You'll also have gotten an email from Leos, he tells you just to stand by. We're still ignoring him, so it's time to go meet Wiseman.

[edit] XIII. [Lambda] Blooming Promised Walkway

This is a protected area, and before warping you need 2 D cores, 3 E cores, and 2 F cores.

[edit] XIV. [Lambda] Dazzling Sage's Arctic(Part 2)

Wiseman is still in that same room on B3, so go through the dungeon again and meet him.

[edit] XV. [Lambda] Scattering Fossil's Milestone

Log out and check your email. You'll have 2 from Blackrose and 1 from Wiseman. Wiseman has sent you the part from the Epitaph of Twilight he has, and points out to you both Skeith and Innis are in the epitaph as part of the Cursed Wave, and that is most likely where they have come from. He also tells you how to contact Helba and get to the Net Slums. One of Blackrose's emails is telling you she's confused about Wiseman's email. The other is just telling you to contact her whenever you're on. Look at the message board under the "Is this an event character?" thread. You'll find a keyword that supposedly has a weird guy talking about something called the Net Slums. Time to go check that out.

[edit] XVI. [Lambda] Pulsating Worst Core

You need to take Blackrose with you for this trip. I would highly reccomend you take either Elk of Mistral as well, as the dungeon is relatively difficult, I completed it with Elk, Blackrose, and my character all at level 48. Be sure to bring as many Mage's Souls, Healing Potions, and supplies as you can afford, because not only is the dungeon difficult without a wavemaster but you also have to face Magus at the end. Good luck!

You will need 1 O core, 1 Q core, 3 E cores, and 3 F cores to get to the Net Slums.

When you arrive there Blackrose recites "East North South West North, gates to paradise will open." Nothing happens, so go to the dungeon. Blackrose recites it again, and gets irritated because nothing happens, and leaves it up to you.

[edit] XVII. Net Slums

You start ou t in a white room with a strange gate in it. You're then warped from there to the Net Slums. You look around, and Blackrose freaks out because all of the people there are strange looking and scary. You don't see Helba around, so you need to go and talk to everyone and ask about her.

Thea tells you that you can't use the gate until acknowledged by Helba. Culhwh says something about the fake real and the real fake. Dorin asks if you're really awake, and tells you not to bother to check because their dreams are very realistic. Sconk says she doesn't know. Jinn says he has enough light but wants water and warmth. Spiritas says the process of seeking truth is perfected by questioning yourselves and asks if it's similar to making distilled liquor. Then he says he named himself for that, and before you ask about Helba you need to ask yourself that. After talking to everyone Tartaga asks if you're looking for Helba and says he heard from her. He tells you the Epitaph of Twilight is the tale of the end, and that not only is the text scattered but it's also very difficult to understand when found. Blackrose asks about the people, and he explains that they're all failed NPCs that all gather there. He also says some go there and end up becoming bodyless, and that's what happened to Harald, the creator of the game. Helba now arrives and recites a quote from Harald. You recieve a copy of this called Harald's Note 2. You talk to her about the Epitaph of Twilight, when she exclaims that you have guests. Balmung has found his way to the Net Slums now, Helba welcomes him, and comments that Balmung has sided with Leos. Helba says that he's disgraced the name "Decendent of Fianna". Balmung says it's necessary to restore order to the world to help Leos, and Helba asks if he's restoring the order The World wants or if it's the order he wants. Leos cuts in and shows up, and says The World will take shape according to his desire. The entire debug crew shows up now, and all try to delete Helba, Kite, Blackrose, and the Net Slum. Things suddenly become very unstable, and Helba says that she hasn't done anything, and apparently "she" doesn't like this much. Things become more unstable, and everyone leaves except you and Blackrose. Blackrose looks and sees.... a leaf?!

[edit] XVIII. Phase 3: Magus: The Propigation

All right, this can be a hard battle or it can be a really, really easy one. I had Blackrose and Elk in my party and everyone at level 52. The big thing that can make this battle either impossible or extremely easy is Magus's leaves. Magus will hover around and drop the leaves attached to his body. Each leaf has a counter that counts down from 15. If any of them reach 0, Magus will perform the attack Death and Rebirth, and how much damage this does depends on how many leaves are remaining. It took me 2 tries to figure out that was why he killed my entire party at full health with one of these attacks after I hadn't killed any leaves. I set Blackrose to pummeling Magus while Elk was the healer and I ran around killing the leaves. At level 52, it took no more than 3 hits per leaf, so if you actually try at all you'll have no problem taking them all out. After all the leaves are gone and Magus is bare, you go and start attacking it too. He'll regenerate after not long, and will use the attack Light and Purity. He'll also start Data Draining eventually. Light and Purity does quite a bit of damage, however with Elk as your healer you shouldn't have a problem. Just make sure Elk knows at least Ola Repth, preferably Ol Repth as well. The only small problem with this is with Blackrose attacking Magus, you won't have to keep an eye on him and you might miss his first Protect Break, so don't forget to keep an eye on him. After you Data Drain Magus just keep attacking. If you want you can have Elk cast spells as well, but I would recommend that you have him keep healing. Even after Magus has been Data Drained he'll be able to cast a spell and do a lot of damage to your HP even if you're at full health. Magus will fall pretty easily after he's Data Drained, just keep hacking away at him and you'll kill him off.

After you're finished with Magus, you return to Root Town only to find that the infection has spread even further. The interface of Carmina Gadelica is messed up looking, like the protected area's graphics were, and things seem to be getting even more out of hand in spite of the work you've been doing to try to save it. TBC in Part 3...

[edit] XXIV. Optional Dungeon: [Lambda]

[edit] II. [Theta] Chosen Hopeless Nothingness

The game starts with...this giant floating root guy?! He's known as Cubia, you'll get to know him better later, especially in the 4th game. You're brought back to your desktop. Check the news and then your email. You'll get one from CC Corp explaining some of the new upgrades to the game with you, including the Grunty Flag Race which can get you some very useful items if you choose to participate. The other is from Blackrose. She isn't saying anything terribly important, so reply to her and log in. You'll come to Theta Server and see a cut scene with Blackrose and yourself. She tells you that you two are going back to [Theta] Chosen Hopeless Nothingness to see what happened and if Skeith is still alive. Add her to your party and warp there. When you get there, she'll notice your bracelet isn't shining. If you have a Grunty, ride it to the dungeon.

[edit] XX. Translation of Aura's Emails

Email #1
Title: Ple[x{
To the one who holds the book
Skeith is looking for me.

There is no time
Please help me.

Email #2
Title: I &a9^ t! >3 {8rn
I have to be born. To live.
That is all I want.
Mother, Morgana...
Bearer of the bracelet. Help me
Before there are any more casualties!

[edit] XXI. .hack//SIGN Ghosts

There are 3 events that happens in this volume of the game only in which you see a few short clips from .hack//SIGN and obtain a few items, which will possibly allow you to play with a few of the .hack//SIGN characters in your party after completing the 4th part in the series. It's known as the .hack//SIGN Ghosts, and are essentially stored memories from when Tsukasa in the anime precursor was trapped in The World and comatose in the real world. All of these happen inside the chapel in [Delta] Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. As far as I know, they can be triggered at any point in the game, but I didn't go to trigger them until shortly after getting Wiseman's member address.

Ghost #1
Tsukasa, Mimiru, and Bear are at the altar. Tsukasa has his barbell guardian. Mimiru asks him if he's a girl in the real world, and it is reveiled to Tsukasa that her and Bear have been snooping. He says he is disappointed in them, and the memory ends. You obtain the key item M: Wavemaster and a Golden Grunty, and are transported back to Mac Anu.

Ghost #2
Sora has B.T. trapped in a headlock between his blades, and asks her for her member address. When she refuses, he kills her off. You obtain the key item M: Twin Blade and a Silver Grunty, and are transported back to Mac Anu.

Ghost #3
Ginkan(Silver Knight), Subaru, Mimiru, Bear, and B.T. are discussing the issue involving Tsukasa, and Mimiru suggests that Tsukasa is also a victim of a greater flow of events. You get the key item M: Heavy Axe and a Golden Grunty.

[edit] XXII. Optional Characters - Natsume

Read the post on the BBS titled "Weapon Information." A character called Natsume is looking for the Spiral Edge, a Twin Blade weapon. The next post is someone telling her it's at [Delta] Raging Passionate Melody. She heads over there to get it. Head over there yourself and talk to her. She'll say she got scared and ran away, so you have to go and find it for her.

[edit] XXIII. Optional Characters - Sanjuro

This one is also on the board under the "Weapon Information" posts. He wants a katana, and someone suggests the Kotetsu Sword in [Delta] Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder. He heads over there to get it, meet him there. Talk to him and he says that he all the treasure chests had nothing but junk in them. So now it's your turn to try.

[edit] XXIV. Optional Characters - Gardenia

On the board, read the "Miss Gardenia Fan Club" posts. The fan club is meeting in [Theta] Soft Solitairy Tri Pansy, and hope to meet Gardenia there. Warp and meet up with them.

[edit] XXV. Optional Characters - Nuke Usagimaru

Read the "Nuke Usagimaru Show" message on the board. It'll say to go to [Lambda] Lightless Distand Dead Lands for a show, and if you want to watch to come alone. Warp there and make your way to the dungeon.

[edit] III. [Theta] Soaring Sky Boundless Abyss

When you weap back, an NPC asks you if you were the one who won the Power-Up Campaign. He explains that the item they gave you is defective and won't let you install so they exchange it with you for a new item. Try to install it after he leaves, and it only tells you that data overwrite is forbidden. Log out now and check your mail. You'll get yet another incomprehensible email from Aura and one from anonymous, giving you a keyword telling you to meet them to help the coma victims. No one will be able to form a party with you to go, so go alone there. You'll be warped to an all white room. Blackrose is there too, who also got an email about a clue to help the comatose victims. Now a fat guy and a lot of other people warp in. The fat guy introduces himself as Leos, he is one of CC Corp's system administrators. Leos says to you that you've made the problem worse. Leos says to ensure that things don't get even more out of hand, their characters will be deleted, then tries to delete you. Now Helba shows up and comments that Kite's character is so well protected that not only can Leos not delete it but the vaccine for the virus they gave Kite disguised as a rare item had no effect on Kite's character. So they gave you the Power-Up Campaign for an item, the bastards... Kite asks Helba what to do. Helba doesn't know, and is certain the "pig head"(Leos) won't know either. She does say to look at the Epitaph of Twilight, the epic poem The World was based on. Leos doesn't think it'll help, until Helba points out that Leos's character is named after Leos, King of the Light from the Epitaph, which shuts him up for a while. Leos warps out after being thoroughly owned by Helba, along with all the other CC Corp employees that came with him. Helba leaves as well, as does Blackrose. Now you leave as well.

[edit] IV. [Lambda] Dolorous Evil Eyed Widows

Log out and check your email now. You'll have gotten one from Leos. He tells you the system administration approve under the condition that you follow his orders. He explains to you there are 5 different servers: Delta, Theta, Lambda, Sigma, and Omega, each with their own root town. He tells you Lambda Server has been opened to the public now, but Sigma and Omega are still closed for the time being. He tells you he'll be investigating as a shop NPC gathering information from people, and to come to Lambda Server and talk to him. Log in and go over to Lambda Server and talk to the Weapons Shop NPC. It is actually Leos, and he tells you to investigate the infection rate in the Lambda Server, and that protected areas are at top priority. He gives you a P core, and the protected areas are on the board. So log out now and check out the board, specifically the title "Is this an event character." Look at all the posts there and you'll find a protected area in Lambda Server. Now log back in. You'll see a scene with Elk and Mia, but Mia is talking very strangely. Elk explains that her voice input system isn't working right. Elk tells you they're on their way to the same field as you are to search for Aromatic Grass, and to invite them when you go. Invite them and hack the gate with the P core.

[edit] V. [Lambda] Nameless Seeker's Prarie

Log out and check your email. Helba explains to you in her email where to find certain types of virus cores. Note where to find B Cores. Now read the board under the topic "Protected Area." Someone found one called [Lambda] Nameless Seeker's Prarie. You'll need to find 2 B Cores to get there, once you get them head off.

[edit] VI. [Lambda] Resurrecting Confused Judgement

You get an email soon after you get back to root town, log out and check it. It's from Leos, wanting the investigation report from Lambda Server. Log back in and you'll get a cut scene with you reporting everything. You then realize the player you saw in that dungeon shouldn't have been able to get into a protected area. Leos dismisses it as failed data, but says the data bug means it's worse than he thought. Kite makes sure Leos is sure, but Leos just repeats that it must have been failed data, as that can get into protected areas unrestricted. He then tells you he'll inform you of your next orders later, and warps out. Log out and check your mail. Leos will have emailed you a keywords of a place with heavy infection. You also get mail from Blackrose, who asks if you're really doing the right thing or just being manipulated by Leos. Reply to her, and log back in. You get a cut scene with Blackrose, who gives you an M Core from Leos, then leaves. Invite Blackrose and someone else to your party and warp to [Lambda] Resurrecting Confused Judgement. You will need 1 D Core, 2 M Cores, and 1 H Core. When you get there, after you see the short event with Blackrose and Kite about something being in this field, hit triangle as quickly as possible and call a Grunty. This way you won't have to deal with any of the monsters, you want to do it quickly as well because warping activates a portal.

Note: At the end of this dungeon is a Phase battle with Innis. You will want to be at least at level 40 and have as many resurrects and healing items as possible. You are required to take Blackrose, and you will probably want to take along someone else. I would suggest a wavemaster for this battle. Make sure your team has plenty of healing items as well by giving them items at some point before you warp.

[edit] VII. Phase 2: Innis: The Mirage of Deceit

Once you go through that purple mist stuff you'll have to face Innis. All of my party(Kite, Blackrose, Elk) were at level 41. I didn't need any resurrects and 5 Healing Potions at most. Innis wasn't a difficult Phase battle, but he does have a magic tolerance, so I had Elk be the healer. After you defeat Innis, you'll go back to root town and be yelled at by Leos for "making the situation worse."

[edit] VIII. [Lambda] Merciless Grieving Furnace

After Leos yells at you, log out, then log back in. You'll find that the servers are "unavailable for maintanance." You then wonder if Balmung is right, and that you're only making the situation worse instead of better. Check your mail, you'll get one from Blackrose telling you she's going to disregard Leos now, and that you should do the same. You get another incomprehensible email from Aura(check the translation of Aura's emails if you want to see what it says). She gives you a keyword, and apparently your character Kite is able to translate for himself the word "Cubia." The servers will be back up now, so you can log back in. When you get there, Mistral will greet you and ask if you have time. You make the mistake of telling her where you're going, and says she wants to come too. If you talk to any of the people in root town, you'll firstly notice they're standing still, and also that they're talking weird as Mistral tells you. Create a party with Mistral and Blackrose or another character of your choice and warp there, it's surprisingly an unprotected area.

[edit] IX. Meeting with Aura - Cubia

All right, this battle will be a bit long. Make sure your entire party is close to full health the entire time. The Cubia Core is what you need to target in order to end the battle, and occasionally the Cubia head like thing that seems to be watching you kill it's core will intervene and do a quite devistating attack. The Cubia Core will always have either a Physical Tolerance or a Magical Tolerance. When it has a Physical Tolerance, then the Cubia head does an attack, it will come back and switch to Magical Tolerance, and visa versa. When it has a Physical Tolerance, you should have Mistral target it and cast spells on it. Then, here's the important part, you ALWAYS want to have someone target the Repth Gorma. It will heal the Cubia Core and hinder you. When it has a Physical Tolerance, I set Blackrose to pummeling the Repth Gorma, when it's on Magical Tolernace I had Mistral target it with her spells. It is very important you kill the Repth Gorma as quickly as possible. The battle will take a long time, but eventually the Cubia Core's HP will reach 0 and you will have defeated Cubia for the first time. Don't worry, we'll get to see our good friend Cubia again later in other games.

Now you see Helba, she tells you she's impressed that you defeated Cubia, and tells you to release the Aura segment. She warps out, and you return to root town with Mistral. She apologizes for joking about your story, and understands it's actually a true story now. She gives you Forestlore(a book) and tells you to call her if you ever need her. Then she has to leave and go shopping.

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