The World

The World
Theworld.jpgThe World's title screen in the original PS2 games

The World is the most popular MMORPG of all time in the .hack// universe. With the exception of .hack//Liminality all of the series' games and anime take place within The World.


[edit] Background

The MMO was created by a German programmer named Harald Hoerwick. The game went by the name of Fragment before the company that would later develop it (CyberConnect Corporation, or CC Corp for short) was created. Harald had created what would become The World in order to serve it as a vessel for his deceased wife and made a fictional daughter inside the MMO called Aura, the "ultimate AI". Along with Aura, the programmer had created Morganna Mode Gone, a system that controls The World and its nature.

[edit] Players

Players of The World use a virtual reality headset and a controller to play in-game. Players can also make their own characters with custom usernames and appearances. Like any MMORPG, it consists of millions of people from around the globe. Users in The World establish emotional relationships between each other, complete events, fight as a team in dungeons and various other activities. One could consider that players also log into The World as a method to escape their lives, including their hardships and everyday problems.

[edit] Character Classes

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When creating a player, the user is able to choose from 8 different classes in total (in the first version of The World, including the Expansion Pack). Each class specializes in different types of skills and have certain abilities that the others do not. A team formed in The World usually requires a good balance of classes in order to cover for each other's weaknesses and survive.

[edit] The World R:2

After the developer's company had lost much data of The World due to a fire accident, they decided to join what was left of the original game's data with another project CC Corp was working on and released The World R:2 in the year 2016.

[edit] The World R:X

The third iteration of The World, released in 2020, that is played on a PDA.

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