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The Answer (also known as Alex by his peers) is a Neoseeker member who joined in February 2006 in hopes of sharing the world his experience of the Black Hole glitch (featured in SSB: Melee). He had managed to achieve the glitch with 3 other friends on that pivotal night of Februrary 9th, and made an account to post on the forum under the name fox93thefool. He's a good person to hang out with, and is very nice to people (most of the time). One of his notable characteristics is his fast change of tones and his continuous jokes.


[edit] Basic Interests

Alex enjoys many things that an American teenager would like. Despite being born on the island of Puerto Rico, his hobbies were heavily influenced thanks to the internet. Where he lives, he is considered a minority.

[edit] Music

Alex adores music, and is seen most of the time hearing it (audiophile). His favorite genre of music is rock and modern classical. He enjoys different kinds of rock, but his favorite is progressive and experimental. He likes to use his Sennheiser headphones when on the car and likes to play guitar. From The White Stripes to God is an Astronaut and 65daysofstatic, from Coheed and Cambria to The Mars Volta, from Audioslave to Death From Above 1979, from Bloc Party to Demetori, from Jimi Hendrix to The Killers.

[edit] Anime

He is fascinated by the Japanese art of animation and its many genres. Anime has changed most of the way he sees life and the world. Some of his favorite anime of all time include (but are not limited to): [5 Centimeters per Second], [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann], [Kara no Kyoukai], [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya], [ef ~ a tale of memories], [Neon Genesis Evangelion], [Lucky Star], [Shakugan no Shana], and many more.

[edit] Current Neo.Projects

The Answer is currently wiki staff on the [.hack Wiki] along with fellow staff member Empress Dowager Lu.

[edit] Templates

[edit] How to Make them

To make a template, simply create a page with your desired template name. For example, if we're going to create a template named "Spoiler", we make the page name like so:


Remember to not put any spaces and to always include "Template:". Otherwise, it'll either have an unusual name, or it will have no effect at all. Also, if it's an important template, make sure to protect it as well. Once you are editing the template page, add the format that you want to add to the template. Since in this case we're making a template page called "Template:Spoiler", we're gonna add Warning: This article may contain spoilers. Take in mind that you can also decorate it by adding HTML and Wiki Mark-up. In this case we'll add this to the page...

{| style="background-color:#f7c773;" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" border="0px"
{| style="background-color:#ffffff;" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="0px;"
|<b><font color="#d73e3e">Warning:</font></b> <i>This .hack// article may contain plot spoilers.</i>

...Which turns into this when previewed:

Warning: This .hack// article may contain plot spoilers.

After you have your desired format set out, save the page by clicking Save Page at the bottom of the edit form. (Again, don't forget to protect it if it's a very important template and you don't want anybody messing it up)

When you've saved the page, you should have a it like this.

[edit] How to use Them

Once you have saved the template page, simply add the name of the template and encase it in double braces. So whenever you add this...

{{Spoiler}} a Wiki page, it turns automatically into this:

Warning: This .hack// article may contain plot spoilers.

Note: Pretty neat huh? Templates can really make editing a wiki much easier, as you don't have to add the same jumbled-up HTML/Wiki mark-up code over and over again. They also make the editing form much easier to read and look at, especially to those who are unfamiliar with web and programming codes.

Here's an [example] of how it looks like on a page.

[edit] Using Parameters

~coming soon

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