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Hello and welcome to the Main Discussion page for this Neo Wiki. This page is for discussion of .hack//Wiki related things. Better off using this thing for planning or discussing on other things that have to do with the Wiki.


[edit] Organizing

[edit] Character Pages

All of the character pages have been categorized accordingly, and an infobox template was added to any pages what were missing it- the infoboxes are bare and still need to be added with all of their respective dynamic content. -Kunsel 03:03, 3 July 2008 (UTC)

[edit] Character Class Pages

I have organized all the character class pages and put them all in the Character Pages category. All what's left is to fill them with info and the characters that belong in each class. -The Answer 20:58, 3 July 2008

[edit] Episode Summary Pages

Should Episode Summary pages be categorized [y/n]? -The Answer 20:58, 3 July 2008

I categorized all the episodes of .hack//SIGN and added index links that link to the Main Series page, Next Episode, and Previous Episode. -The Answer 16:34 4 July 2008
I categorized all the episodes of .hack//ROOTS and added index links that link to the Main Series page, Next Episode, and Previous Episode. -The Answer 18:35 5 July 2008
I also finished categorizing the Legend of the Twilight series episodes. All of what's left for these pages is to be filled with summaries, etc. -The Answer 19:20 5 July 2008

[edit] Spoiler Notices

I've put a code with a spoiler notice on each series episode summary. They were definitely needed. Remember, if a page has spoilers, be sure to use the Spoiler Notice. -The Answer 22:39 5 July 2008

[edit] Spoiler Template

Gah, I wish I would have done this sooner...I FINALLY understood how to make simple templates, so I made the Spoiler template for easier noticing. Just add "spoiler" (replace quotes with double "{" and double "}") at the beginning of each spoiler-ific article. -The Answer 02:46 10 July 2008

Do you think the spoiler templates should say "...may contain spoilers" as opposed to just "this article contains spoilers."? -Empress Dowager Lu 09:22 PM 11 July 2008
Good idea. I noticed you changed that, and I thought it was a good idea so I kept using it. =) -The Answer 21:10 12 July 2008

[edit] Templates

I've made some other templates (header, sub-header, headings). You can check them [here]. (small, slightly off-topic note: In my user page, I have provided a small [tutorial] on how to make templates) -The Answer 12:16 11 July 2008

As you guys may have noticed, I've made a Spoiler Section template. I just thought that sometime the page may seem a bit weird with the spoiler notice on top, especially when it can potentially dub an entire article as a spoiler when it only contains one spoiler-ific section. Just add {{SpoilerSection}} at the beginning of the section and that should be it. If the spoilers are scattered throughout different sections of the article, then my advice is to just simply put the normal {{Spoiler}} template at the beginning of the article. Just came to mind that it would be a neat little thing to have. Take in mind that it's best to avoid spoilers whenever possible and to keep most spoilers in main articles, storyline, plot and game role sections, since generally spoiler free articles are better for the sake of people who'd like to read an non-game/plot (directly) related article but don't know anything about it. Also, feel free to suggest anything, give feedback etc. on this and on other wiki things of course. Thanks. -The Answer 23:03 03 October 2008

Good work Alex, a clever idea. I think this should prove useful (in fact, I've already added them here and there! :P) -Empress Dowager Lu 6:29 PM 04 October 2008

[edit] Ideas

[edit] Pages

[edit] Episode Summaries

I'm going to be providing episode summaries for .hack//Sign and I'll also be adding a max of 5 screenshots per episode. -The Answer 14:16 15 July 2008

[edit] Suggestions/Feedback

This new main page colour scheme and banner look really great together.

You can also style the forum portion at the bottom using styles (although I rather like those default colours myself :P).

Redemption 06:42, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Thanks, Red. Glad you like the colors. And yes, agreed. The default forum theme fits pretty good with the current color scheme right now, haha. -The Answer 02:46 10 July 2008

Agreed, Red. Alex has done a marvelous job on the wiki. I love the colors and new header. :] -Empress Dowager Lu 09:18 PM 11 July 2008

[edit] Questions and Answers