Real NameKeisuke Kurokai
Character ClassBlade Brandier
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Haseo meets Taihaku in Icolo's @home. He is the Emperor of Sage Palace. Taihaku becomes infected by adia by Sakaki and he fights Haseo in the Sage Palace.

[edit] Appearance

Taihaku is a old, dark skinned, man dressed in noble clothes. His character is based off a old master swordsman. His most noticeable feature is the long scar on his face.

[edit] Personality

Taihaku, being the Emperor of Sage Palace, is the leader of Icolo and he values the strength of one person. Taihaku doesn't enjoy parties or people who only rely on them. He has a great amount of respect for Haseo because he spent his time as a solo player to become the great player he is.

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