Real NameMoe Kubo
Character ClassTribal Grappler
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Tabby first catches up with Haseo and his party on the 50th floor of the Forest of Pain. She tells them that it her last time playing The World, but later she sends him an email saying that she might still play the game.

[edit] Appearance

Tabby is a catgirl with red hair. She wears skimpy cloaths. A short skirt and skimpy top. As a catgirl, her character is based around it. She has cat ears and her hair is in the form of a cat tail. She uses a special type of cat claws that Shino had given her.

[edit] Personality

Tabby is very optimisic and is always cheeful. When she is sad she tries to hide her sadness which she usussually does well. She likes to use cat nosies and expressions like her character. She is usually very hyper and bothers Haseo and Sakisaka.

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