LadySubaru.jpgSubaru in .hack//Sign series.
ClassHeavy Blade


[edit] Background

A Heavy Axeman (Heavy Blade), Subaru spends most of her time managing the Crimson Knights and receiving reports about activities on the server. She takes on a less strict approach to matters than the Silver Knight, emphasizing that true enforcement is the prerogative of the CC System Administrators.

She gradually gets to know Tsukasa and becomes sympathetic to his dilemma. Though generally reserved and cautious, she can be quite forward when commanding the Knights.

Subaru is a Heavy Blade class character, most known for her appearance in the .hack//Sign anime series.

[edit] Appearance

Subaru has short blue hair that flows inwards and towards her head. Her eye color is brown and she has a tattoo on her forehead. Most of the garments she wears, including on her forearms, shoulders and legs are of a light blue color. The only piece of armor she holds is on top her long skirt and she also carries angel-like wings on her back.

[edit] .hack//Sign

She is the leader and one of the founders of the Crimson Knights, and is looked very highly upon by all of the knights. She is known as Lady Subaru around the organization she leads. She is very kind and caring behind the face she has to put on in The World due to her fame, and works hard to make sure Tsukasa has the support he needs.

[edit] Offline

In the real world, Subaru is a crippled student whose real name is Mariko Misono. Being paraplegic allows her to be in The World almost all day long. Also, playing in The World allows her to do the things she's not able to do, like running and walking, which makes her enjoy the game more.

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