Real NameRyou Misaki
ClassTwin Blade
Hair ColorGreen in The World, Brown offline
Eye ColorRed in The World, Red offline
OccupationElementary School Student

[edit] .Hack//Sign

4th Grade Sora is also known as the Player Killer of Carmina Gadelica. He makes all of his own sound effects and likes to collect the member addresses of players. He is of the highest level or close to it, and has several fights with Crim. He also seems to like to gather intelligence about the events happening in The World, including information on Tsukasa and the Key of the Twilight. He eventually meets Morgana and allies himself with her, then at the end betrays her to help Tsukasa, Aura, Subaru, and Mimiru escape. As punishment for betraying her trust he is imprisioned in Skeith's weapon and put into a coma in the real world.

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