Skeith (G.U.)
Skeith 1st form.jpg
1st Phase; Skeith avatar in its 1st form.
Level of AppearanceΘ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness
Phase TitleThe Terror of Death

Skeith, also known as the Terror of Death, is the 1st Phase of the Cursed Wave, a combination of seven different programs, or Phases created by Morganna whose goal was to halt Aura's growth as the perfect AI. Skeith made his first appearance in the final episode of .hack//SIGN when Sora was trapped in The World as Skeith and fell comatose in the real world and was sent to chase after Aura.

[edit] .hack//Games

Skeith in .hack//Infection

In the first series of Project .hack games, Skeith was seen chasing after Aura in a low level dungeon where the protagonist, Kite, and his friend Orca had been training. They saw the figure of Aura and Skeith pass by them thinking it was just a ghost. On their way out of the dungeon they get transported to a different area, there they see Aura hovering above, she asks Orca to take the Book of Twilight with him telling him that the book would either bring peace or destruction and suddenly leaves. Skeith then appears in front of them, Orca tries fighting him but to no avail, Skeith ends up Data Draining Orca, the original owner of the Book of Twilight. Skeith's attack causes Orca's character data to scramble in The World, and resulting in Orca falling into a coma in the real world. At the end of .hack//Infection, Kite defeats Skeith and Sora, no longer comatose, makes an appearance at the beginning of .hack//Mutation.

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