Real NameReiko Saeki
Character ClassTribal Grappler
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Pi first encounters Haseo when Bordeaux is about to PK him. Pi then saves Haseo from being PKed. After she saves him, she tells him that he has a very dangerous power inside of him (his epitaph).

[edit] Appearance

Pi wears a very revealing outfit, which goes all the way down to her legs. Pi has very long pink hair that she wears in two ponytails. She also fiddles around with the pair of glasses she has on some occasions.

[edit] Personality

Pi gives off a tough personality, but she does have a moment of weakness now and then. She is Yata's assistant and she follows his will. She is very dedicated to her job. Although, some times she gets attached to the members of The World R:2 which makes her break the rules sometimes to help them out.

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