One Sin

The One Sin was an event in The World that many believed was unbeatable. The only ones who ever cleared it were the Descendants of Fianna, Orca and Balmung.

In .hack//AI Buster Albireo and Hokuto witness the fight between The One Sin and the Descendants of Fianna. Orca and Balmung discover the trick to beating it- the only damage it does is to reflect back the exact same attacks used against it, and its element shifts to the last attack used. Until then everyone had always used their most powerful attacks on it as quickly as they could, and couldn't notice the pattern. Orca and Balmung easily defeat it by attacking with alternating elemental attacks each time. After defeating it, the field it was located in transformed from a frozen wasteland to a normal field, and the "angel" trapped their was released, giving Balmung his wings.

The One Sin in the .hack//G.U. series
The One Sin was reintroduced into The World:R2 and can be fought in the .hack//G.U. series. A much weaker version than its previous self, it is relatively easy to defeat. However, upon defeat it is reborn and renamed "God Eater"; a much more difficult opponent.

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