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Midori, an Edge Punisher, appears in, and is the main character of, the two .Hack//Cell books. In the beginning, she seems normal, due to the fact that she often plays as a 'professional victim' in The World for money, while her friend Adamas is kind and unsure as ever. Around the beginning of the first book, she meets a familiar face to all .Hack fans; Haseo, who is still out on his quest to find Tri-Edge and destroy him. Midori, her memories fuzzy, can't remember if she had ever encountered Tri-Edge, but thinks she may have. She doesn't tell Haseo that, though. As the story goes on, Midori finds out more and more about who she is, her origin, etc. In the end, it wasn't a total waste of time. Read it and find out what happens.

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