Name: Maha
Class: AI
Hair Color: Has both purple and white fur
Eye Color: Red
Occupation: AI
Age: None

Warning: This .hack// article may contain plot spoilers.

Also known as Mia or Macha in the games. Maha is a cat player character. He draws attention to Tsukasa, who was seen with him, at the beginning because the Crimison Knights think that Maha was an illegally modified character. Maha is completely mute, but Tsukasa seems to know what he is saying. He helps Tsukasa on several occasions, including when Tsukasa's guardian gets out of control and when a guardian controlled by Morgana is a threat, but also kills him with a guardian and turns against him when ordered to by Morgana. Maha is killed by a guardian near the end of the series when he tries to protect Tsukasa.

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