Haseo first form.jpgHaseo in his very first form.
Real NameRyou Misaki
Character ClassAdept Rogue
Japanese Voice ActorTakahiro Sakurai
English Voice ActorYuri Lowenthal (games), Andrew Francis (anime)

Haseo is a character from the .hack//Roots, .hack//G.U., and made a slight appearance in .hack//Sign. He is an anti-social and slightly shy Adept Rogue (multi-weapon user).

[edit] Appearance

Haseo appears as a teenager wearing all black clothing, red tattoos on his face and arms, with a white spikey haircut. As he levels up, and his appearance changes, his hair becomes more and more detailed. In his final form, named "The Terror of Death," he appears to be wearing a full black spikey suit.

[edit] Personality

Haseo seems somewhat shy, and doesn't have a lot to say. He prefers to keep to himself, and is usually seen fighting monsters alone in .hack//Roots. Whenever someone confronts him, he usually turns away. However, after the trauma of Shino entering a coma due to Tri - Edge's "PK", Haseo has a dramatic personality change and shows much more anger in what he says and in his overall demeaner, this is only enforced after he gains more power after the event in the Forest of Pain.

[edit] .hack//Roots

Haseo is a 17 year old teenager, who in real life is anti-social and not very good with people. Haseo first joins "The World R:2," and upon his entrance, he gets PKed (player killed) by two other players. At this point, it's clear that this new version of the World has a serious player killer problem. Haseo is rescued by a mysterious man named Ovan. Ovan requests that Haseo join his guild, The Twilight Brigade. Haseo is hesitant, but eventually joins in order to locate the "Key of the Twilight".

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