Harvest Cleric

Harvest Cleric
Shino.jpgShino, a Harvest Cleric

Harvest clerics are the main healers of The World R:2. Usually wear light-weight clothing, and often wear some sort of hat.

[edit] Description

Harvest Clerics focus around healing magic, rather than the Shadow Warlock class that focuses around attack and status magic. This class gives the character very low physical attack and defense, but gets a boost in MP and magic attack and magic defense. With the use of scrolls, however, the harvest cleric class can be quite useful in dire situations. Poor idea to have one of these in your party when out fighting close range enemies that happen to go for weak targets, but good for helping newbies train on harder monsters while they can be healed to keep on fighting.

Harvest Clerics are usually wanted in certain guilds based around healing, or for teams in the arena that need balancing out. In many occasion, low level Harvest clerics can be close to worthless without the proper guidance, but high level Harvest Clerics are highly regarded.

[edit] Examples

Main characters in .hack//G.U. and .hack//Roots who are of the Harvest Cleric class include Atoli and Shino.

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