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[edit] Episode 1: Login

Episode 1 - Login

The series begins with Tsukasa waking up in the treasure room of a dungeon. He gets up, wondering where he is, only to be walked in on by Mimiru. She greets him, and he warps out of the dungeon to a field. The Crimison Knights show up to where he is sitting and ask him about a cat player character he was seen with, and he says that he has nothing to say and warps out. He goes to a place known as the Chaos Gate, used for logging out, and sees Mimiru again, who is annoyed by his silence. She asks about his disappearing in front of the Crimison Knights and he says that if it gets him into trouble he'll just stop accessing The World for a while. He then attempts to log out, only to realize he can't log out.

Then he goes to ride a Grunty for a while and have some fun. He upgrades a weapon at a Monsieur pool, and attacks the Monsieur. Bear sees him and greets him, offering to help him out, and Tsukasa again warps away.

Then it goes to a cut scene with Subaru and the Silver Knight, they are discussing the current problems of The World, then see Tsukasa sitting at the water's edge.

Tsukasa goes back to the Chaos Gate and tries to log out again. Mimiru shows up and he asks her if she can log in and out, and Tsukasa gets trailed by Mimiru until he explains that he can't log out. She thinks he might have angered the Crimison Knights, he tries to run away, she stops him. He asks her to leave him alone, she slaps him and walks away. He realizes that it hurts when she slaps him, and that he really is locked inside The World.

He goes to a dungeon, the last place he remembers being in, and sees the cat PC, known as Maha, who nuzzles the chest in the treasure room and dissappears. Tsukasa opens the chest, it contained a strange tablet and he heard a voice that said "I've been waiting for you for such a long time... I need you, just as you need me. Let us walk together, as long as we walk together, I shall protect you."

Tsukasa goes to the enterance of the dungeon to leave, only to find Silver Knight there. He tries to warp out, but a barrier has been set up. Silver Knight attacks, and Tsukasa is thrown to the side of a wall, about to be killed. The Guardian the comes out of a wall and kills Silver Knight, and Tsukasa realizes what the person saying "As long as we walk together, I shall protect you" meant.

Then a cut scene is shown from the real world of what is happening to Tsukasa. He is on the ground with paramedics at the house, in a coma.

[edit] Episode 2: Guardian

Episode 2: Guardian

The episode begins with Tsukasa feeding a baby Grunty at the Grunty Ranch, then having Bear talk to him about the boards. Tsukasa just says it wasn't his problem and walks away. He sees Mimiru on the road away from the ranch and ignores her. Her and Bear meet and talk about Tsukasa's not being able to log out and the Crimison Knights looking for the cat player.

Meanwhile, Sora is trying to catch B.T. and get her member address. B.T. simply insults him and refuses to give her member address, Sora kills her.

Subaru is being informed of how the Crimison Knights are trying to catch Tsukasa by guarding the Chaos Gates. The knight talking to her tells her of how fond the Silver Knight is of her. The knight goes to guard duty at the Chaos Gate and sees Tsukasa warp there and then to a new field.

B.T. later talks to Bear, complaining about how she was killed by Sora and lost all her progress from last night.

Maha finds Tsukasa and silently tells him that there's an area he can be alone in that is off limits to other characters. He goes to the dungeon with a secret area to warp to it, and is followed there by Sora who is looking to get his member address then kill him. Tsukasa never notices Sora and escapes to the secret field without Sora's noticing him go. He goes to the field and sees Aura for the first time. Morgana tells him to contact Mimiru and meet with her.

Mimiru, B.T., and Bear are discussing how the Crimison Knights let Tsukasa slip away. And since the only way to get to another server is to use the Chaos Gate, he should be on the same server. But he was sighted in another server.

Sora goes to see some patrolling Crimison Knights and asks the knights if the wavemaster they are looking for seems to be really depressed. They demand information, but he tells them that he asked first. They tell him, then Sora says "Thanks for the info" and runs away.

Later, Mimiru and Bear both go to see him. Bear finds out that Tsukasa isn't in front of a computer and actually lives inside the game, and that Tsukasa has a way to move without the Chaos Gate. He tells Bear and Mimiru that he was "given the power". Then he says that it was a different power that defeated the Silver Knight. Mimiru tells him that the Silver Knight offline was found unconscious at his computer and didn't know what had happened. The Guardian comes to protect Tsukasa when he runs away and Mimiru runs after him. Tsukasa loses control of it, and Maha shows up to send the Guardian away.

[edit] Episode 3: Folklore

Episode 3: Folklore</U>

Silver Knight is back in The World now. Subaru tells him that his duty is not a system support and that he is still an ordinary player in The World.

B.T. talks to Bear about what he found out the previous day regarding Tsukasa. B.T. brings up the rumor of the Key of the Twilight, and suggests that Tsukasa might have found the item. She wants to meet him offline, Bear agrees assuming that Tsukasa is alive, awake, or even exists in the real world.

Subaru meets with Sora to discuss the concept of the Key of the Twilight. Subaru dismisses the idea as non existant, and Sora convinces her to let him hang around with the Crimison Knights for a while. Silver Knight is irritated by Sora immediately, but is told to tolerate him.

Bear meets Mimiru in a dungeon asking about Tsukasa. Mimiru says she's tired of being manipulated and doesn't care anymore, but then proceeds to ask why he doesn't contact her. Tsukasa is in his hidden area watching the sleeping Aura and has a flashback to a time in his childhood when he found a stray kitten. He fed the kitten with milk and an eyedropper, but his father struck at him and took the kitten away. Mimiru leaves the dungeon and goes to another field to take out her frusteration on a monster.

Tsukasa starts to train his Guardian to obey him. It switches to a cut scene with Mimiru, who got an email from Tsukasa asking to meet him. However she doesn't want to see Tsukasa and has Bear go for her. He goes to meet Tsukasa and he tells him that the Guardian is under his control now and the incident that happened with Silver Knight won't happen again. Bear says that it doesn't impress him, and Tsukasa warps out of the area. Bear, B.T., Sora, Mimiru, Subaru, Bear, and Silver Knight all gather for a meeting about the events concerning Tsukasa and Bear asks for his player information. Mimiru suggests that he's a victim too, and that he doesn't mean to cause problems.

[edit] Episode 4: Wanted

<U>Episode 4: Wanted</U>

Mimiru logs in and overhear someone talking about a new skill, saying that a wavemaster has been summoning a monster that defeats his enemies for him to gain experience, the same guy who's being hunted for by the Crimison Knights.

Meanwhile Bear and Subaru are meeting, Subaru tells Bear she looked at the logs, and if the logs are to be believed Tsukasa has been there continuously for the last 10 days. She doesn't want to believe the logs, but someone wouldn't alter the logs to make it look like Tsukasa had been there for 10 days straight. They then wonder about why someone would want to stay that badly, no matter what condition they were in.

Tsukasa, meanwhile, is with Aura in his secret field wondering what would happen if he died in the game. Morgana (the voice in the sky) then tells Tsukasa a wonderful thing awaits him. She says that him, herself, and Aura can live there in peace and not be bothered by anyone. Tsukasa asks why he should believe her, because she never shows herself to me and that there is not such a place.

Then comes a flashback to Tsukasa's childhood. He(or rather she) is crying at a funeral for the person who appears to be her mother. Then in The World, Tsukasa stands up and says "Mother", believing Morgana to be his mother since he can not see her anymore, and starts to cry.

B.T. walks up to Mimiru, meanwhile, telling her she's pathetic. Apparently Mimiru and Bear were to meet, but B.T. was sent in his place because he couldn't come. The two of them discuss Tsukasa and how many rumors are flying around about him. B.T. tells her not to worry about them since they keep flying around since he draws so much attention to himself. Then Sora sends both Mimiru and B.T. an email. The two of them meet up with him out of what Mimiru calls desperation. He isn't with the Knights today, because he says it's stifling to be around them all the time. Mimiru asks why he associates himself with them, B.T. says that it's because information gathers around the Crimison Knights. B.T. asks if Tsukasa has his hands on the Key of the Twilight, Sora answers that he hasn't yet and that he knows from gut instinct. B.T. signs off, leaving Mimiru and Sora. Sora makes Mimiru go on a dungeon adventure with him.

Meanwhile Subaru is talking to a shopkeeper in a root town, gathering information. Silver Knight tells her that the number of sightings of Tsukasa is increasing daily, asking if he can really be left alone. Subaru says they shouldn't capture him, but it may no longer be a problem they can handle by themselves. The way Tsukasa behaves even boggles the mind of the administration, and she asks how the Crimison Knights, as ordinary players, could stop him. Silver Knight says he's sure there's a way, Subaru wonders what Crim would do.

Sora bounces in and joins Subaru and Silver Knight, asking how Tsukasa is. Sora tells them that they need to talk to Tsukasa, suggesting they capture him. Sora tells them to put a bounty on his head, eyewitness reports would come by the dozens, they could then determine his behavior patterns and come up with a strategy to capture him. Subaru says she worries about how someone can exist like Tsukasa does.

Then a scene from the hospital, just a siren, someone smoking outside, and a clip of the hospital.

Bear and Mimiru got to meet finally, she complains about meeting in the middle of a field, Bear says there are "too many eyes watching". They go for a dungeon adventure, and start to talk about Tsukasa. His name is ambigious, doesn't say anything about gender, and could be nickname, first name or last. Bear thinks he may have found Tsukasa outside The World. Bear opens the monster portal and they fight the monster. While they fight, Mimiru asks what Bear saw. Bear saw someone in a mysterious coma, barely living off of machines and IV fluids, and that it was a girl.

Subaru gathers more information, and is followed by Silver Knight. She doesn't like the plan, and has asked the system administrators to restrict his access. What bothers her is that he still dwells in The World and moves freely. Silver Knight dismisses it as impossible, but Subaru points out that everything that happens around Tsukasa is impossible yet it still happens.

Back to Bear and Mimiru, they go to Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. The one place that's built without a dungeon or any monsters and is only a lone building. They think they'll fint Tsukasa there because that field and Tsukasa are both oddities in The World. They find Tsukasa there and Mimiru apologizes for not coming last time. He shows her the Guardian, she says it's really awesome but wants to ask him something. He tells her he can't tell her where his guardian came from, but Mimiru wants to know if he's a girl. Tsukasa tells her he's a guy, then wants to know why they asked. They confirm his assumption that they snooped around in real life and they wanted to make sure he was ok. He tells them that what they discovered was all wrong, says he's dissappointed, and warps out. Bear says he doesn't think Tsukasa was lying and they've found a dead end.

Tsukasa sits with his guardian, and is found by a party of 4 girls wanting to get the bounty on his head. They tell him they have to fight him, he says he's not in the mood, and that he gave the fools a chance. They still want to fight, so he summons his Guardian and has it attack them. It does so and nearly kills them, then he orders it to stop, but it doesn't stop and continues to attack.

Word of this reaches to Subaru and Subaru points out he's outside all the system rules and boundaries because the access restrictions didn't stop a thing. Subaru decides she wants to talk to him and makes him wanted under all servers and orders him to be captured and bound.

Tsukasa warps into his special field and looks at Aura, who is beginning to turn a purplish color and is starting to be poisoned.

[edit] Episode 5: Captured

<U>Episode 5: Captured</U>
Crim has returned to The World after being on a business trip. He sees Tsukasa in a dungeon and offers to help if help is needed or wanted. Tsukasa just says he didn't ask for help and warps out. Crim says to himself "Well you can call me if you need my help" only to realize he forgot to give Tsukasa his member address.

Mimiru meets up with Bear, and seems to be unusually irritable. She points out that The World is only play, and Tsukasa shouldn't be a marked player for that. Bear says that it was Tsukasa who disregarded the rules and now he's wanted for it. Bear just asks for a little more time.

Meanwhile Subaru and Silver Knight are discussing the status of Tsukasa. They gathered a lot of information on him, but it was almost all either rumor or outdated now. Silver Knight says he'll probably lay low and strike again when it's least expected. Subaru then leaves and tells Silver Knight she's going to check other servers

B.T. is being stalked by Sora, she runs but gets caught. It turns out B.T. invited Sora and has a way to lure Tsukasa out of hiding. She offers to make an exchange, but only a one way exchange.

Subaru is in what appears to be like a throne room, and Crim comes inside. He tells her he was on a business trip to Indonesia and just logged back in yesterday. He starts to try to explain but Subaru remains silent. He thinks it was wrong of him to ask to see her and starts to leave, but Subaru starts to talk. She comments that he hasn't changed and apologizes for not replying sooner, as she was with Silver Knight. He asks how Silver Knight is and she tells him the knight hasn't changed either. She makes it obvious that this isn't a good thing, and says she has to get going. Crim says he'll help her as much as any player can and says he'll do just about anything for her. She leaves, and Crim wonders to himself what is driving her to act the way she is, then realizes it must be something on the message boards.

Tsukasa is sitting in his place seperate from everywhere else and watches Aura. He then starts beating bushes with his staff and scares Maha out of them. Maha seems unhappy with Tsukasa, and Tsukasa asks if "mother" is mad at him. Maha replies, though mute to the viewer, with something to the effect of "You couldn't control the Guardian." Tsukasa protests that it's the Guardian's fault for not listening to orders. Then Maha seems to threaten to take the Guardian away from Tsukasa. Tsukasa protests, but Maha points out that Tsukasa is a low level character and can't control it and isn't worth protecting at that low a level. Then Maha whispers something in Tsukasa's ear and he says "I understand."

Subaru warps back to Mac Anu, and SIlver Knight is waiting for her. He tells her Sora has to talk to her about something. Sora has a way to lure Tsukasa out of hiding. He asks her if she wants to know, and she replies that there's no reason to ask him. Silver Knight is annoyed by this and chases after her as she walks away.

Mimiru meets B.T. in a root town, and she tells her that there's another character in a certain field that has a Guardian as well. She tells Mimiru to get her to tell Tsukasa to go check it out.

Sora is telling Silver Knight about the plan to lure Tsukasa into the field. Because Tsukasa thinks he's special for the monster, he'll go to see the other person who has a monster because he's no longer special if he isn't the only one with that monster. Silver Knight goes to get the knights ready to capture Tsukasa without Subaru's permission.

They set a trap for Tsukasa near the dungeon of that field. Subaru is notified about the trap by the other knights and is shocked that Silver Knight set it up. B.T. and Sora decide to watch from the side, B.T. comments that they're not stupid after all for transporting him to another field so he can't summon or warp out.

Mimiru and Bear are in the field, looking for the swordsman and realize what's going on, that B.T. lied and set up a trap. Mimiru tells him to get off the field, but Tsukasa replies that he should hold his heart strong, misreading her meaning. He stands in the middle of the field, not seeing all the Crimison Knights ready to attack. Even as B.T. yells to attack, he remains almost perfectly calm. He says that's fine with him and summons the Guardian. Then Silver Knight and all the Crimison Knights emerge and he tells them to draw their swords and attack. They surround Tsukasa and Silver Knight says that he is to be bound. Tsukasa says that Silver Knight must never get enough and threatens to kill him with the Guardian again. Silver Knight says to prepare for battle and all the Crimison Knights attack. The Guardian attacks and damages almost all the troops without any problems at all. Silver Knight refuses to call back the order to attack, saying they only need to bind Tsukasa's body. Subaru appears and asks about what's going on. She says she didn't authorize an attack like that, and the Guardian attacks her. One of the knights pushes her out of the way and gets killed off himself instead. Now Crim comes in riding his Grunty too fast for the Guardian, saying Tsukasa has gone too far, saying he needs to take responsibility for his actions. He knocks Tsukasa down and he is bound and taken away. Silver Knight says the mission is complete, Subaru just looks disturbed.

Tsukasa is dragged into a dungeon screaming "Let me go!"

[edit] Episode 6: Encounter

<U>Episode 6: Encounter</U>

Mimiru and B.T. are in the middle of a face off. Bear tries to break the tension by saying how nice a day it is outside, but is told to be quiet. Mimiru demands an explination from B.T. about what happened and why she told Mimiru to tell Tsukasa about the Guardian-toting swordsman. B.T. just plays innocent and says she heard it from another player, and that the Crimison Knights probably heard it from someone else. Mimiru thinks it still sounds suspicious, and doesn't trust her. Bear breaks up the fight, and B.T. comments that Mimiru is probably just taking her anger out on her. They agree that arguing about it doesn't do any good, and Mimiru says the answer is obvious and that they need to simply rescue Tsukasa.

Subaru is being taken to the place where Tsukasa is and asks Silver Knight to just stand guard outside and not listen in. Tsukasa is sitting inside, prisoner. Subaru first apologizes for what the Knights to, and says she really wanted to be able to talk to him. Tsukasa comments about how plesant the air smells. Subaru asks if he can still sense these things even though it's just a game, and she doesn't think he's lying. She asks what he's planning to do next, Tsukasa tells her that it's up to her what he does next. She tells him that if he doesn't do anything reckless they have no reason to detain him any more, Tsukasa agrees if she promises for the Knights to just leave him alone. She does promise to do everything within her power to keep them from bothering him. She asks if he knows anything about the Key of the Twilight, but he says he knows nothing about it.

Meanwhile Mimiru goes to meet Sora, and after being irritated at Sora for selling Tsukasa out to the Crimison Knights. He asks her if she wants to know at any cost, she agrees, but he just goes. He wants her to help him out.

Sora goes to where Tsukasa is being detained, and kills off Silver Knight and the other knights standing guard. He then barges in on Subaru and Tsukasa and takes him. While Tsukasa and Sora are escaping, Crim shows up at the enterance and fights Sora. Crim and Sora fight while Tsukasa escapes and is met at the dungeon enterance by Mimiru. He follows her to a field where they're going to meet Sora once he's done with Crim.

Mimiru tries to apologize to Tsukasa, but he refuses to talk to her, and once she's done he asks her if she's done and if he can leave. She asks him if he hates being with her that much, he says yes. She asks him to stay a little longer, because Sora is coming soon as well. He comments that she was just there to take him somewhere and hand him back over to Sora. She says that's not true and she's only concerned about his well being, he says everyone's just being selfish and that's not true. He soon warps out, and Sora shows up a few seconds later. He's irritated with Mimiru because she let Tsukasa get away.

Subaru and Silver Knight are talking, and Silver Knight wants to issue a warrant for the arrest of both Sora and Tsukasa, but Subaru refuses saying she has a plan. Silver Knight wants to know, but Subaru refuses. He asks her to tell him what she and Tsukasa were talking about, Subaru only says that Tsukasa is in a prison even before they bound and captured him. They walk out of the dungeon together, and Crim is waiting outside. Crim tells Silver Knight to become stronger to protect Subaru. Subaru tells him not to listen and she warps to Mac Anu, the Delta Server Root Town. Crim says he didn't think he'd regret quitting the Crimison Knights as much as he did then.

Mimiru and Bear are talking, and she asks him why he covers for B.T. all the time. He says he doesn't cover for her, and asks if Mimiru wanted to interrogate B.T. again, but Mimiru comments that B.T. would only deny things again and laugh at her. B.T. and Mimiru meet in the middle of a bridge, and B.T. tells Mimiru to check the message boards. Another Guardian like Tsukasa's was sighted, but it alone. It showed up after an ordinary monster was killed. The monster revived into The Guardian and the players that sighted it ran for it.

Subaru and Silver Knight are talking about the news, there have been sightings on 3 different servers. They all showed up at the same time. Silver Knight says maybe the monsters are looking for Tsukasa, but Subaru comments that Tsukasa only carried 1 Guardian with him. Silver Knight then theorizes that the monster is seeking revenge for the capture of Tsukasa. Subaru asks why he says such things, and says that The Guardian is part of a bigger flow of things and that Tsukasa are only a victim. She says that they don't know where the flow is coming from, but people are noticing it. She gives him new orders to not persue Tsukasa and tells Silver Knight to warn players about the monsters and not to fight against the monsters. Subaru wants to know where the bigger problems are coming from, and is sure that it will continue to get bigger until something must be done about it. Tsukasa meanwhile is with Aura, saying he won't go anywhere or see anyone anymore.

[edit] Episode 7: Reason

<U>Episode 7: Reason

A brief clip of Mimiru from the real world is shown, then she is shown in The World. She goes to a field to meet Bear, but B.T. shows up, commenting that Mimiru must have had a fight with Tsukasa. Mimiru denies being concerned about him still, but apparently Bear still is. Now Bear shows up. Mimiru wanted to ask him for advice, if she should keep trying to help Tsukasa or just stop. Bear tells her to make her decision now, and not to worry about his feelings about the matter. Then he starts talking about doing more digging around offline, finding out what's going on in the real world. He tells her to wait until he finds out more information. Mimiru runs away.

She warps back to a root town and almost knocks into another player. She warps to the field where she met Tsukasa and remembers their first meeting. She asks aloud why she ever had to meet him, and warps back to the root town. The same girl she bumped into earlier asks her to form a party with her and go to Carmina Gadelica. Mimiru asks if she's read any of the game manuals or the boards. The other player doesn't know, nor does she know her level but says she's been playing for about 2 weeks. Mimiru says she'd never survive in a dungeon in Carmina Gadelica if she's only been at it for 2 weeks. Mimiru says no, then the other girl says that Mimiru must have no guts, and she's going to just quit the game because it's boring, then says anyone who plays must have no objectives and be boring. Mimiru wants to know why she wants to go to a hard dungeon after only 2 weeks, the other girl replies that she just wants to try. Mimiru finally agrees, saying she's in the mood to do something reckless. The other player introduces herself as A-20. The get relatively far, then get into a fight. A-20 has to heal herself after only 1 hit by a monster, then reveals that she's really only been playing for 1 week. Mimiru finally defeats the monster, yells at A-20 for lying about how long she's been playing, and ditches A-20 at the bottom of the dungeon.

B.T. meets Mimiru in Bear's place again. Mimiru asks what Bear does for a living, but B.T. won't answer. Mimiru doesn't want to talk to B.T., but asks her why the younger players always depend on someone. B.T. only comments that Mimiru isn't too old herself.

Mimiru goes to talk to Subaru. Subaru wants to find information about where Tsukasa is, she wants to find him, but the Crimison Knights plan to just leave him alone for the time being. Mimiru encourages her to go find him as Subaru, an ordinary player rather than the leader of the Crimison Knights. She says after being connected once, there's no use in abandoning the connection, and then realizes that she shouldn't abandon him either. It turns out Mimiru came to ask Subaru why she started playing the game and what she gets out of it, but Subaru only says it's her personal business. Mimiru says she'll contact her soon, and they shouldn't give up just thinking Tsukasa is irritating.

Mimiru goes back after A-20 in the dungeon in Carmina Gadelica, finding her with only a few HP left. Mimiru heals her. Mimiru finds out that A-20 wants to show up her classmates by beating a dungeon in Carmina Gadelica. She didn't go back because she doesn't like to leave things half way done, and says her parents always say she's foolish for that. They're nearing the last level of the dungeon, and even though the monsters will be very difficult they decide to give it a shot. They beat up a monster, and while they do that Mimiru discusses the problem with Tsukasa. They're both out of healing items, and are entering the last room of the dungeon. They find it's the treasure room and they got lucky, there are no monsters. Inside the treasure chest they find a Golden Grunty. It's a very rare item that lets one of your stats skyrockets. Mimiru lets A-20 keep the item so she can brag to her classmates, and tells her to keep at it for a while. A-20 says the Golden Grunty is ugly.

Mimiru emails B.T. and Bear, saying she wants to stick it out with Tsukasa for a little while longer.

[edit] Episode 8: Promise

Episode 8: Promise

Mimiru emails Tsukasa, telling him she's worried because she hasn't seen him in a while. She says she'll wait in the Dun Loirag root town. BT shows up where she is and criticizes Mimiru for just expecting Tsukasa to crawl out when she calls, and says sitting and waiting seems like the same thing as doing nothing. BT says it'll be tough for her to just sit there and wait, Mimiru asks if she's speaking from experience, but BT doesn't really answer and leaves.

Tsukasa meanwhile is just sitting in his special field, remembering some things that happened in his childhood offline. Maha silently says something to Tsukasa, and Tsukasa says he doesn't want to go meet Mimiru.

Mimiru tells Bear what she's doing, and says that's all she could come up with her feeble intellect. Bear tells her she doesn't give herself enough credit, then suggests that maybe Tsukasa has a secret place he goes to, as the Crimison Knights couldn't find him before. Bear says Mimiru's plan is probably the best they can do in the game. He says as far as the outside goes, he has to find points that create lines which lead to what's really going on outside the game, and at this point he's still finding those points still. Bear sets BT to getting information, but tells her it might be a bit too much for Mimiru. He tells her Sora might be useful.

Sora is out looking for information on "Little Tsukasa", threatening players for information. One replies that they've only heard rumors on the message board, and is promptly killed by Sora..

Silver Knight and Subaru are discussing how to handle Sora's actions, and how to deal with the data bugs and guardians that were sighted. They come up with the idea to pass it off as a bug in the test data for the next version. Silver Knight asks if the case with Tsukasa is calming down as well, before Subaru can answer BT gestures her over. BT asks a favor of Subaru, asking her to stay close to Tsukasa and investigate the bigger flow that's affecting The World. Subaru says she doesn't see her point, but BT simply says that's her intention.

Mimiru is still waiting for Tsukasa in Dun Loriag and notices a character that looks like Tsukasa, chasing after them. Noticing she was wrong, she logs outt. Someone comes to ask Mimiru to join their party, but Mimiru just says she's waiting for someone. They said she told them that before, and they're sitting there waiting for someone just like a character called Godot. The guy walks away and Bear comes to visit her. He asks if she's slept at all, she hasn't because she doesn't think she'd really be waiting then, and if Tsukasa came while she was gone he'd probably go hide again. She asks who Godot was, Bear explains that Godot was from a play. He explains that the play was about two men waiting and waiting for a man named Godot to arrive, but Godot never shows up. There's nothing more to the play. Mimiru however is sure Tsukasa will show up eventually.

Crim meets BT. BT wants to discuss with him Tsukasa along with things that might be a future threat to The World.

Sora comes to see Mimiru, she hides from him under the bridge she's sitting on. Sora sits down and puts his sword through the bridge, threatening to come down. He asks if she's wondering how he knew she was there. She guesses BT, but it turns out she's a popular topic on the message boards now. He tells her it's harder for Tsukasa to come there now, because people know about it. Sora tells her she should've asked to meet him in a dungeon somewhere rather than a busy place like a root town. Sora says he's going to wait with Mimiru for Tsukasa because he wants to meet him, and he has the right to because he helped Tsukasa escape.

BT and Crim are still discussing, Crim doesn't think they can do much without a group to fall back on, but BT thinks they'll be more effective as just the two of them, because they can gather information more quickly and not be noticed. She says Tsukasa isn't the only process and they need to find information on the other ones. She says Tsukasa surpasses the system's rules and boundaries, as does an item out there. Crim dismisses the idea that the item exists, saying he's looked for it. BT tells him not to deny the existance of it because he couldn't find it. She tells him if he feels up to the task to let her know. Crim thinks it's an omen.

Sora waits with Mimiru. He asks her what time to meet Tsukasa, and Mimiru didn't set a time. He tells her she'll last much longer if she only waits between certain hours. He leaves then, as he'll get scolded if he stays any longer.

Tsukasa is remembering something from his childhood, while he sits alone in his field. He's sitting alone, by himself in the memory as well, and people try to reach out to him but he doesn't accept their help. He doesn't think Mimiru won't be there still.

Mimiru says (aloud) that she will stay there herself, Tsukasa is standing behind her. After she waits there so long for him, he says she's a fool for waiting so long, and starts to walk away. Mimiru tells him to wait- she can protect him. He tells her to do as she likes, and then continues to walk away.

The mysterious voice says that it is good that Tsukasa is unaware of what's about to befall him. Tthe higher he is brought up, the bigger the crash. Hope is always the best tool to create despair.

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