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[edit] Episode 11: Party

Episode 11- Party

We start off in a dream sequence with Tsukassa and Aura frolicking in a forest. Tsukassa turns around and Aura is gone, but she then jumps down from on top of a tree and stabs him. Tsukassa then wakes up next to Maha and the sleeping Aura. Then the screen flashes to Mimiru gating into the Theta root town. Bear then greets her and starts talking about the first time he formed a party. Mimiru complains about Tsukassa being late, but he suddenly appears and they head off towards the event.

The event is called the "Test of Knowledge", Mimiru, Tsukassa, and Bear have to find three statues and answer their three questions. They cannot start over nor can they proceed if they get a wrong answer. We then flash to BT and Sora discussing why Tsukassa agreed to go to a CC Corp event. Sora claims that he will cut Tsukassa down to size. We then go back to the Test of Knowledge. The group steps into a red tent and a statue gives them the question "In the book of Revelations, there were twelve stones that would become the foundation of the twelve gates of New Jerusalem. Which of these is the second true treasure?." Mimiru has no idea, but is cut off by Bear who replies "Amethyst." He then opens the chest to find an amethyst necklace.

Then they walk out and Bear starts talking about how he's drawing the map by hand since the auto mapping is disabled in this event. He begins to leave the keyboard to get some more paper, but Tsukassa points out that they walked past this place several times. Tsukassa says that his map is no good. We see them walk into a yellow tent. A yellow statue asks the question "In a world where one is two, two is five, five is five and eight is seven what thing appears when you multiply 331 and 3 without heaven and earth." They discuss it for several minutes, but the statue says that they must answer now. Tsukasa quickly draws a picture in the sand and gets the word "EGG." The statue then rewards them with an egg.

(Commercial Break)

We see Sora logging in among a large group of people at the event. He yells that he's coming after Tsukassa. We see Bear say that he's out of paper again. He goes away and Mimiru asks Tsukassa what his father does as a job. Tsukassa starts shaking and has a flashback that involves his father yelling at him. We see Tsukassa walking with Bear and Mimiru with Mimiru telling them about her father's boring job. Bear then asks if her father who her father works for, and then justifies what he said and startles Mimiru, negating her whole argument. Tsukassa says they're going in circles again, and says that Bear is "some mapper."

We then immediately (and startlingly) flash to a giant blue statue who asks the question "Shirly was cheating on her husband with her boss. Who was the director?" Tsukassa then says that he understands (which startles bear) and sticks his hand into an opening in a statue. He then pretends it ripped his arm off, which gives Bear a clue. He says "Roman Holiday, directed by Billy Wilder." The statue rewards them with an egg stand. Bear then asks how Tsukassa knew that. Tsukassa says that his mother liked old movies. Bear asked if his mom was around Bear's age. Tsukassa then trembles and goes into a spheel about how adults are so selfish.

Mimiru claims that they've gone too far to turn back. She sticks the egg in the eggcup and it turns into a monster. Bear attacks it but is severely outclassed. Tsukassa says he won't help them fight. Mimiru claims that the formed the party to work together. Tsukassa then says that they were being selfish and didn't care about him. Tsukassa then calls the guardian who just sits there and doesn't do anything. The monster knocks Tsukassa back into a wall. He then complains about how it hurts. Mimiru then yells at Tsukassa to call off the Guardian so they can defeat the monster as a team. She claims that if he wins using the Guardian then he is no different than those monsters.

Mimiru then smiles and throws the amethyst necklace at the monster, killing it instantly. The screen flashes white, and then we see each player holding a gold coin with a dragon symbol on it. We flash to Tsukassa and the sleeping Aura. Tsukassa places the coin on Aura's chest. We then see a real-life scene with Tsukassa's father trying to persuade a doctor that he will never wake up and that they should pull the power to life-support. The doctor disagrees and Tsukassa's father pulls out the cord himself. The monitor on the life-support system goes flat and beeps.

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