Episode 8: Promise

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Mimiru emails Tsukasa, telling him she's worried because she hasn't seen him in a while. She says she'll wait in the Dun Loirag root town. BT shows up where she is and criticizes Mimiru for just expecting Tsukasa to crawl out when she calls, and says sitting and waiting seems like the same thing as doing nothing. BT says it'll be tough for her to just sit there and wait, Mimiru asks if she's speaking from experience, but BT doesn't really answer and leaves. Tsukasa meanwhile is just sitting in his special field, remembering some things that happened in his childhood offline. Maha silently says something to Tsukasa, and Tsukasa says he doesn't want to go meet Mimiru. Mimiru tells Bear what she's doing, and says that's all she could come up with her feeble intellect. Bear tells her she doesn't give herself enough credit, then suggests that maybe Tsukasa has a secret place he goes to, as the Crimison Knights couldn't find him before. Bear says Mimiru's plan is probably the best they can do in the game. He says as far as the outside goes, he has to find points that create lines which lead to what's really going on outside the game, and at this point he's still finding those points still. Bear sets BT to getting information, but tells her it might be a bit too much for Mimiru. He tells her Sora might be useful.

Sora is meanwhile out looking for information on "Little Tsukasa", threatening players for information. One replies that they've only heard rumors on the message board, and is promptly killed by Sora.

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Silver Knight and Subaru are discussing how to handle Sora's actions, and how to deal with the data bugs and guardians that were sighted. They come up with the idea to pass it off as a bug in the test data for the next version. Silver Knight asks if the case with Tsukasa is calming down as well, before Subaru can answer BT gestures her over. BT asks a favor of Subaru, asking her to stay close to Tsukasa and investigate the bigger flow that's affecting The World. Subaru says she doesn't see her point, but BT simply says that's her intention. Mimiru is still waiting for Tsukasa in Dun Loriag and notices a character that looks like Tsukasa, chasing after them. Noticing she was wrong, she logs outt. Someone comes to ask Mimiru to join their party, but Mimiru just says she's waiting for someone. They said she told them that before, and they're sitting there waiting for someone just like a character called Godot. The guy walks away and Bear comes to visit her. He asks if she's slept at all, she hasn't because she doesn't think she'd really be waiting then, and if Tsukasa came while she was gone he'd probably go hide again.
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She asks who Godot was, Bear explains that Godot was from a play. He explains that the play was about two men waiting and waiting for a man named Godot to arrive, but Godot never shows up. There's nothing more to the play. Mimiru however is sure Tsukasa will show up eventually.

Crim meets up with BT. BT wants to discuss with him Tsukasa along with things that might be a future threat to The World.

Sora comes to see Mimiru, she hides from him under the bridge she's sitting on. Sora sits down and puts his sword through the bridge, threatening to come down. He asks if she's wondering how he knew she was there. She guesses BT, but it turns out she's a popular topic on the message boards now. He tells her it's harder for Tsukasa to come there now, because people know about it.

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Sora tells her she should've asked to meet him in a dungeon somewhere rather than a busy place like a root town. Sora says he's going to wait with Mimiru for Tsukasa because he wants to meet him, and he has the right to because he helped Tsukasa escape.

BT and Crim are still discussing, Crim doesn't think they can do much without a group to fall back on, but BT thinks they'll be more effective as just the two of them, because they can gather information more quickly and not be noticed. She says Tsukasa isn't the only process and they need to find information on the other ones. She says Tsukasa surpasses the system's rules and boundaries, as does an item out there. Crim dismisses the idea that the item exists, saying he's looked for it. BT tells him not to deny the existance of it because he couldn't find it. She tells him if he feels up to the task to let her know. Crim thinks it's an omen.

Sora waits with Mimiru. He asks her what time to meet Tsukasa, and Mimiru didn't set a time. He tells her she'll last much longer if she only waits between certain hours. He leaves then, as he'll get scolded if he stays any longer.

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Tsukasa is remembering something from his childhood, while he sits alone in his field. He's sitting alone, by himself in the memory as well, and people try to reach out to him but he doesn't accept their help. He doesn't think Mimiru won't be there still. Mimiru says (aloud) that she will stay there herself, Tsukasa is standing behind her. After she waits there so long for him, he says she's a fool for waiting so long, and starts to walk away. Mimiru tells him to wait- she can protect him. He tells her to do as she likes, and then continues to walk away. The mysterious voice says that it is good that Tsukasa is unaware of what's about to befall him. Tthe higher he is brought up, the bigger the crash. Hope is always the best tool to create despair.

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