Episode 7: Reason

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A brief clip of Mimiru from the real world is shown, then she is shown in The World. She goes to a field to meet Bear, but B.T. shows up, commenting that Mimiru must have had a fight with Tsukasa. Mimiru denies being concerned about him still, but apparently Bear still is. Now Bear shows up. Mimiru wanted to ask him for advice, if she should keep trying to help Tsukasa or just stop. Bear tells her to make her decision now, and not to worry about his feelings about the matter. Then he starts talking about doing more digging around offline, finding out what's going on in the real world. He tells her to wait until he finds out more information. Mimiru runs away. She warps back to a root town and almost knocks into another player. She warps to the field where she met Tsukasa and remembers their first meeting.
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She asks aloud why she ever had to meet him, and warps back to the root town. The same girl she bumped into earlier asks her to form a party with her and go to Carmina Gadelica. Mimiru asks if she's read any of the game manuals or the boards. The other player doesn't know, nor does she know her level but says she's been playing for about 2 weeks.
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Mimiru says she'd never survive in a dungeon in Carmina Gadelica if she's only been at it for 2 weeks. Mimiru says no, then the other girl says that Mimiru must have no guts, and she's going to just quit the game because it's boring, then says anyone who plays must have no objectives and be boring. Mimiru wants to know why she wants to go to a hard dungeon after only 2 weeks, the other girl replies that she just wants to try. Mimiru finally agrees, saying she's in the mood to do something reckless. The other player introduces herself as A-20. The get relatively far, then get into a fight. A-20 has to heal herself after only 1 hit by a monster, then reveals that she's really only been playing for 1 week. Mimiru finally defeats the monster, yells at A-20 for lying about how long she's been playing, and ditches A-20 at the bottom of the dungeon. B.T. meets Mimiru in Bear's place again.
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Mimiru asks what Bear does for a living, but B.T. won't answer. Mimiru doesn't want to talk to B.T., but asks her why the younger players always depend on someone. B.T. only comments that Mimiru isn't too old herself. Mimiru goes to talk to Subaru. Subaru wants to find information about where Tsukasa is, she wants to find him, but the Crimison Knights plan to just leave him alone for the time being. Mimiru encourages her to go find him as Subaru, an ordinary player rather than the leader of the Crimison Knights. She says after being connected once, there's no use in abandoning the connection, and then realizes that she shouldn't abandon him either. It turns out Mimiru came to ask Subaru why she started playing the game and what she gets out of it, but Subaru only says it's her personal business. Mimiru says she'll contact her soon, and they shouldn't give up just thinking Tsukasa is irritating.
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Mimiru goes back after A-20 in the dungeon in Carmina Gadelica, finding her with only a few HP left. Mimiru heals her. Mimiru finds out that A-20 wants to show up her classmates by beating a dungeon in Carmina Gadelica. She didn't go back because she doesn't like to leave things half way done, and says her parents always say she's foolish for that. They're nearing the last level of the dungeon, and even though the monsters will be very difficult they decide to give it a shot. They beat up a monster, and while they do that Mimiru discusses the problem with Tsukasa. They're both out of healing items, and are entering the last room of the dungeon. They find it's the treasure room and they got lucky, there are no monsters. Inside the treasure chest they find a Golden Grunty. It's a very rare item that lets one of your stats skyrockets. Mimiru lets A-20 keep the item so she can brag to her classmates, and tells her to keep at it for a while. A-20 says the Golden Grunty is ugly. Mimiru emails B.T. and Bear, saying she wants to stick it out with Tsukasa for a little while longer.

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