Episode 5: Captured

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Crim has returned to The World after being on a business trip. He sees Tsukasa in a dungeon and offers to help if help is needed or wanted. Tsukasa just says he didn't ask for help and warps out. Crim says to himself "Well you can call me if you need my help" only to realize he forgot to give Tsukasa his member address. Mimiru meets up with Bear, and seems to be unusually irritable. She points out that The World is only play, and Tsukasa shouldn't be a marked player for that. Bear says that it was Tsukasa who disregarded the rules and now he's wanted for it. Bear just asks for a little more time. Meanwhile Subaru and Silver Knight are discussing the status of Tsukasa. They gathered a lot of information on him, but it was almost all either rumor or outdated now. Silver Knight says he'll probably lay low and strike again when it's least expected. Subaru then leaves and tells Silver Knight she's going to check other servers B.T. is being stalked by Sora, she runs but gets caught.
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It turns out B.T. invited Sora and has a way to lure Tsukasa out of hiding. She offers to make an exchange, but only a one way exchange. Subaru is in what appears to be like a throne room, and Crim comes inside. He tells her he was on a business trip to Indonesia and just logged back in yesterday. He starts to try to explain but Subaru remains silent. He thinks it was wrong of him to ask to see her and starts to leave, but Subaru starts to talk. She comments that he hasn't changed and apologizes for not replying sooner, as she was with Silver Knight. He asks how Silver Knight is and she tells him the knight hasn't changed either. She makes it obvious that this isn't a good thing, and says she has to get going. Crim says he'll help her as much as any player can and says he'll do just about anything for her. She leaves, and Crim wonders to himself what is driving her to act the way she is, then realizes it must be something on the message boards. Tsukasa is sitting in his place seperate from everywhere else and watches Aura. He then starts beating bushes with his staff and scares Maha out of them. Maha seems unhappy with Tsukasa, and Tsukasa asks if "mother" is mad at him. Maha replies, though mute to the viewer, with something to the effect of "You couldn't control the Guardian." Tsukasa protests that it's the Guardian's fault for not listening to orders. Then Maha seems to threaten to take the Guardian away from Tsukasa. Tsukasa protests, but Maha points out that Tsukasa is a low level character and can't control it and isn't worth protecting at that low a level. Then Maha whispers something in Tsukasa's ear and he says "I understand."
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Subaru warps back to Mac Anu, and SIlver Knight is waiting for her. He tells her Sora has to talk to her about something. Sora has a way to lure Tsukasa out of hiding. He asks her if she wants to know, and she replies that there's no reason to ask him. Silver Knight is annoyed by this and chases after her as she walks away. Mimiru meets B.T. in a root town, and she tells her that there's another character in a certain field that has a Guardian as well. She tells Mimiru to get her to tell Tsukasa to go check it out. Sora is telling Silver Knight about the plan to lure Tsukasa into the field. Because Tsukasa thinks he's special for the monster, he'll go to see the other person who has a monster because he's no longer special if he isn't the only one with that monster. Silver Knight goes to get the knights ready to capture Tsukasa without Subaru's permission. They set a trap for Tsukasa near the dungeon of that field. Subaru is notified about the trap by the other knights and is shocked that Silver Knight set it up. B.T. and Sora decide to watch from the side, B.T. comments that they're not stupid after all for transporting him to another field so he can't summon or warp out.
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Mimiru and Bear are in the field, looking for the swordsman and realize what's going on, that B.T. lied and set up a trap. Mimiru tells him to get off the field, but Tsukasa replies that he should hold his heart strong, misreading her meaning. He stands in the middle of the field, not seeing all the Crimison Knights ready to attack. Even as B.T. yells to attack, he remains almost perfectly calm. He says that's fine with him and summons the Guardian. Then Silver Knight and all the Crimison Knights emerge and he tells them to draw their swords and attack. They surround Tsukasa and Silver Knight says that he is to be bound. Tsukasa says that Silver Knight must never get enough and threatens to kill him with the Guardian again. Silver Knight says to prepare for battle and all the Crimison Knights attack. The Guardian attacks and damages almost all the troops without any problems at all. Silver Knight refuses to call back the order to attack, saying they only need to bind Tsukasa's body.
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Subaru appears and asks about what's going on. She says she didn't authorize an attack like that, and the Guardian attacks her. One of the knights pushes her out of the way and gets killed off himself instead. Now Crim comes in riding his Grunty too fast for the Guardian, saying Tsukasa has gone too far, saying he needs to take responsibility for his actions. He knocks Tsukasa down and he is bound and taken away. Silver Knight says the mission is complete, Subaru just looks disturbed. Tsukasa is dragged into a dungeon screaming "Let me go!"

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