Episode 4: Wanted

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Mimiru logs in and overhear someone talking about a new skill, saying that a wavemaster has been summoning a monster that defeats his enemies for him to gain experience, the same guy who's being hunted for by the Crimison Knights. Meanwhile Bear and Subaru are meeting, Subaru tells Bear she looked at the logs, and if the logs are to be believed Tsukasa has been there continuously for the last 10 days. She doesn't want to believe the logs, but someone wouldn't alter the logs to make it look like Tsukasa had been there for 10 days straight. They then wonder about why someone would want to stay that badly, no matter what condition they were in. Tsukasa, meanwhile, is with Aura in his secret field wondering what would happen if he died in the game. Morgana (the voice in the sky) then tells Tsukasa a wonderful thing awaits him. She says that him, herself, and Aura can live there in peace and not be bothered by anyone. Tsukasa asks why he should believe her, because she never shows herself to me and that there is not such a place. Then comes a flashback to Tsukasa's childhood. He(or rather she) is crying at a funeral for the person who appears to be her mother. Then in The World, Tsukasa stands up and says "Mother", believing Morgana to be his mother since he can not see her anymore, and starts to cry. B.T. walks up to Mimiru, meanwhile, telling her she's pathetic.
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Apparently Mimiru and Bear were to meet, but B.T. was sent in his place because he couldn't come. The two of them discuss Tsukasa and how many rumors are flying around about him. B.T. tells her not to worry about them since they keep flying around since he draws so much attention to himself. Then Sora sends both Mimiru and B.T. an email. The two of them meet up with him out of what Mimiru calls desperation. He isn't with the Knights today, because he says it's stifling to be around them all the time. Mimiru asks why he associates himself with them, B.T. says that it's because information gathers around the Crimison Knights. B.T. asks if Tsukasa has his hands on the Key of the Twilight, Sora answers that he hasn't yet and that he knows from gut instinct. B.T. signs off, leaving Mimiru and Sora. Sora makes Mimiru go on a dungeon adventure with him. Meanwhile Subaru is talking to a shopkeeper in a root town, gathering information. Silver Knight tells her that the number of sightings of Tsukasa is increasing daily, asking if he can really be left alone.
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Subaru says they shouldn't capture him, but it may no longer be a problem they can handle by themselves. The way Tsukasa behaves even boggles the mind of the administration, and she asks how the Crimison Knights, as ordinary players, could stop him. Silver Knight says he's sure there's a way, Subaru wonders what Crim would do. Sora bounces in and joins Subaru and Silver Knight, asking how Tsukasa is. Sora tells them that they need to talk to Tsukasa, suggesting they capture him. Sora tells them to put a bounty on his head, eyewitness reports would come by the dozens, they could then determine his behavior patterns and come up with a strategy to capture him. Subaru says she worries about how someone can exist like Tsukasa does. Then a scene from the hospital, just a siren, someone smoking outside, and a clip of the hospital. Bear and Mimiru got to meet finally, she complains about meeting in the middle of a field, Bear says there are "too many eyes watching".
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They go for a dungeon adventure, and start to talk about Tsukasa. His name is ambigious, doesn't say anything about gender, and could be nickname, first name or last. Bear thinks he may have found Tsukasa outside The World. Bear opens the monster portal and they fight the monster. While they fight, Mimiru asks what Bear saw. Bear saw someone in a mysterious coma, barely living off of machines and IV fluids, and that it was a girl. Subaru gathers more information, and is followed by Silver Knight. She doesn't like the plan, and has asked the system administrators to restrict his access. What bothers her is that he still dwells in The World and moves freely. Silver Knight dismisses it as impossible, but Subaru points out that everything that happens around Tsukasa is impossible yet it still happens. Back to Bear and Mimiru, they go to Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. The one place that's built without a dungeon or any monsters and is only a lone building. They think they'll fint Tsukasa there because that field and Tsukasa are both oddities in The World. They find Tsukasa there and Mimiru apologizes for not coming last time. He shows her the Guardian, she says it's really awesome but wants to ask him something. He tells her he can't tell her where his guardian came from, but Mimiru wants to know if he's a girl. Tsukasa tells her he's a guy, then wants to know why they asked. They confirm his assumption that they snooped around in real life and they wanted to make sure he was ok. He tells them that what they discovered was all wrong, says he's dissappointed, and warps out. Bear says he doesn't think Tsukasa was lying and they've found a dead end.
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Tsukasa sits with his guardian, and is found by a party of 4 girls wanting to get the bounty on his head. They tell him they have to fight him, he says he's not in the mood, and that he gave the fools a chance. They still want to fight, so he summons his Guardian and has it attack them. It does so and nearly kills them, then he orders it to stop, but it doesn't stop and continues to attack. Word of this reaches to Subaru and Subaru points out he's outside all the system rules and boundaries because the access restrictions didn't stop a thing. Subaru decides she wants to talk to him and makes him wanted under all servers and orders him to be captured and bound. Tsukasa warps into his special field and looks at Aura, who is beginning to turn a purplish color and is starting to be poisoned.

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