Episode 3: In The Case of Kyoko Tohno

The third .hack//Liminality OVA, that comes bundled with .hack//Outbreak.

[edit] Summary

The episode starts off with a scene with Mr. Tokuoka and Kyoko (known from here as Kyo) discussing the area they’re in, how rich in culture it is specifically. Kyo says that the town is too “inside”, or that they reject people not born and raised in the town. Then Kyo’s cell phone goes off as she receives a text message from someone named Helba. She says she is interested in matters relating to The World and asks them to meet her at the place where the carpenter’s daughter sleeps if they are interested in discussing. Kyo explains that Helba is the Queen of Darkness in the Epitaph of Twilight, and Tokuoka says that Helba is a legendary hacker in The World.

Kyo says she doesn’t like the idea of meeting Helba because in the Epitaph, Helba is known for her information and strategies. She also points out that because of the timing of the message, Helba knew Kyo and Tokuoka were meeting at that same time. They start to talk about the Epitaph and how rumors were spread about strange things happening if you delved too deeply into it. Then Mr. Tokuoka gets a call at the hotel they were sitting at and is asked to come to the front desk. He tells her he didn’t tell anyone he was in that hotel, and that it was kind of eerie. The phone call was someone speaking for Helba called Bith the Black. Bith the Black is Helba’s retainer from the Epitaph of Twilight. They reason that this means they’re being watched both in the net and offline. Kyo says she doesn’t like it, and for that reason decides to pursue it. They then go to “the place where the carpenter’s daughter sleeps”. The place is a pagoda with a legend attached to it. The legend was that the carpenter who built it killed his daughter and buried her in it. However no one else was around the landmark. Tokuoka gets a phone call from Mai, asking for him to explain an email he sent her.

He never sent her an email, but it says “Please go to the place closely related to Sadako”. Kyo thinks its some kind of threat, but Tokuoka thinks its to demonstrate that Mai and Yuki are both under surveillance. Kyo theorizes that Helba could be someone from CC Corp issuing a warning, but Tokuoka says they’d say it directly if it was them. They then try to figure out what is meant by Sadako. Apparently Sadako is the name of someone in the horror movie The Ring, a psychic. Just by knowing that, Kyo knows immediately where to go. They went to a museum with an ex professor of Tokyo Imperial University. He studied things such as clairvoyance and was ordered to take a leave of absence. They then start talking about the basis of the Epitaph of Twilight and what it’s all about. When they exit the building someone asks Tokuoka if that is who he is. She says she was sent to give a message to Mr. Tokuoka. They are silently being watched by a mysterious stranger inside a car. They read the note and it says “Dual-Sided Demon” and “Victory Wish”. They ask her who asked her to give this to him, but she just walks away saying “Fearful, so fearful.” Then the strange man slowly drives past them and Tokuoka sees him and tries to chase after him.

They go to Senko Temple, where Dual-Sided Demon leads them, but they can’t figure out what Victory Wish is indicating. They decide to call Kyo’s mother and ask her about it, as she’s the editor of a local magazine and has all kinds of inside information. Her mother confirms what Kyo thought. Her father pulls up then and asks the two of them if they want a ride to their next destination. He comments that Tokuoka is the second person today who came to the town because of interest in the Epitaph of Twilight. Apparently Kyo’s father had just had a meeting with someone who wanted the Epitaph translated into English. They tell us that the Epitaph was done by a woman named Emma Wielant, and it was only up for a short period of time because she died shortly after completing it. Only about 70% was pieced together by die-hard fans. The precursor to The World, Fragment, was based on the Epitaph. Kyo gets the business card of the man, who they assumed was the same as the man that was working for Helba, and find his name is Ichiro Sato, but Tokuoka comments on how fake the name sounds. They arrive at their destination and start talking about the relationship between Emma Wielant and Harold Hormerik, the creater of Fragment. Apparently to Emma they were only acquaintances but Harold was in love with her. They talk about Emma’s life and how she met Harold. She died at age 28 in a car accident on her way to meet Harold, he sat waiting for her not knowing she had just died. Then Kyo gets another phone call. Yuki calls about an email she received from Kyo, and has Yuki read it to her. It said “The cross of smoke rises. Lake of water sprites.”

They go to the next area, to find a car with its headlights blinking. The same car, incidentally, as the strange man was in that Tokuoka saw. They meet Bith the Black at the lake where water sprites are rumored to appear. He introduces himself and invites them to lunch while they talk. Bith tells them that if Harold had simply made Fragment modeled after the layout of the Epitaph of Twilight it would not produce the chaos that is now happening in The World. He says that Harold tried to bring the outside into the game, and that the boundaries are wavering between the two now, which is the cause of the chaos. He says that if the boundaries continue to waver and possibly fall apart the results would be devastating. Then he brings up the player known as Sieg, who went into a coma. Since what put him into a coma happened inside the game, the question is raised about where his consciousness was, in the game or outside the game. He also says the answer to the problems are as simple as separating the outside and the inside. Now Bith the Black has to leave, saying that if CC Corp’s maneuvers to delete the evidence of this ever happening aren’t stopped the clues needed to save the comatose victims will be lost forever. He tells them they will meet next on Christmas Eve in Urayasu. They realize that what they’re doing is considered a crime, but agree to it anyway.

[edit] Secret Keywords

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