Episode 3: Folklore

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Silver Knight is back in The World now. Subaru tells him that his duty is not a system support and that he is still an ordinary player in The World. B.T. talks to Bear about what he found out the previous day regarding Tsukasa. B.T. brings up the rumor of the Key of the Twilight, and suggests that Tsukasa might have found the item. She wants to meet him offline, Bear agrees assuming that Tsukasa is alive, awake, or even exists in the real world. Subaru meets with Sora to discuss the concept of the Key of the Twilight. Subaru dismisses the idea as non existant, and Sora convinces her to let him hang around with the Crimison Knights for a while. Silver Knight is irritated by Sora immediately, but is told to tolerate him.
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Bear meets Mimiru in a dungeon asking about Tsukasa. Mimiru says she's tired of being manipulated and doesn't care anymore, but then proceeds to ask why he doesn't contact her. Tsukasa is in his hidden area watching the sleeping Aura and has a flashback to a time in his childhood when he found a stray kitten. He fed the kitten with milk and an eyedropper, but his father struck at him and took the kitten away. Mimiru leaves the dungeon and goes to another field to take out her frusteration on a monster. Tsukasa starts to train his Guardian to obey him. It switches to a cut scene with Mimiru, who got an email from Tsukasa asking to meet him. However she doesn't want to see Tsukasa and has Bear go for her.
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He goes to meet Tsukasa and he tells him that the Guardian is under his control now and the incident that happened with Silver Knight won't happen again. Bear says that it doesn't impress him, and Tsukasa warps out of the area. Bear, B.T., Sora, Mimiru, Subaru, Bear, and Silver Knight all gather for a meeting about the events concerning Tsukasa and Bear asks for his player information. Mimiru suggests that he's a victim too, and that he doesn't mean to cause problems.

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