Episode 2: In The Case of Yuki Aihara

The second .hack//Liminality OVA, focusing on Yuki Aihara. It comes bundled with .hack//Mutation.

[edit] Summary

The second episode of Liminality starts off with a girl named Yuki arguing with her brother while walking down the street about how her parents are always ignoring her. She leaves, insulting him and saying that she won't be home for dinner. Then the screen flashes to Tokuoka and Mai telling Yuki over a phone that they'll be two hours late for the meeting. It then shows Yuki watching a movie and Mai at the library looking up something on the computer. Mai then pauses and hears the strange pinging sound, and at the movie the screen fades and the letters "The World" flash over it. The lights go out and the fire alarm rings.

Then we flash over to Yuki telling Tokuoka about the pinging. He says that if something is inside the world, he theorizes that it must've been put in during the beta test, fragment, and CC Corp. had no idea. Then there's a huge explosion and the area of the city with the theater is up in flames. Back with Yuki, the loudspeakers are telling everyone to evacuate. A strange woman runs off in the other direction, telling Yuki that the suggested route isn't safe, that there's no way out unless Yuki follows her. Yuki asks who she is, and the strange lady says that she works in the building. Yuki and the woman run in to a locked door, and the woman says they could easily get out if on the first or second floor. She then asksYuki to help her carry a bench, and they start walking towards an alternate exit.

They use the bench as a stepping stool to each a ventilation shaft. They climb out, and find that al the ovens are on, and that a fire might get started soon if there are more kitchens. They then walk out of the kitchen and prey open the elevator door. They realize that if a fire breaks out, the malfunctioning system would expel large amounts of carbon dioxide. Yuki says they should warn the other people, but the strange lady simply says "I won't stop you, but I'm leaving." She then says that the dome around the escalator won't crack, and the screen shows a large crowd trapped in a giant red bubble. Then, the fire alarm sounds, and a device on the ceiling starts spewing out carbon dioxide.

The woman grabs Yuki and starts to take her with her to slide down the elevator cord, but Yuki says to get out while she can. She then slaps Yuki, and says that they should hurry to go. Yuki seems to have been affected by the slap, and follows her down the shaft. We next see them lying on the ground at the bottom of the shaft. The woman gets up and states that she sprained her ankle, and Yuki gives her a hand up.

Together they pry open the door to find an abandoned lobby. They then stroll right out, and see a disaster scene. Yuki states that it must be the end of the world, and the lady thinks it’s the second coming of Pluto's Kiss. Then the lady says she's going home, and that there was no red dome around the escalator, she just wanted to get Yuki to come with her. Yuki asks why, and the lady said she was at Yuki's brother's wedding. The lady then says "hopefully, this'll be the last time we meet, as you remind me too much of what I used to be, and it's not a very pretty picture. Then, we see Tokuoka riding a bike around an emergency medical station at the disaster zone, and he meets up with Yuki. Yuki states he was six hours late, and she was tempted to go home, but a lot had happened. She then asks if the disaster has anything to do with The World. Tokuoka says he hopes not, but it's possible. Yuki is surprised that no one is aware of what is happening. She then agrees to help Tokuoka. Then, the electricity, phone service, and everything else suddenly come back online. Then Tokuoka gets a phone call, and out loud says "The Epitaph of Twilight? What's that?" Yuki says she had heard of it. She says it’s the poem that Fragment was based off of. Tokuoka exclaims that he thinks they've caught the enemy by the tail.

[edit] Secret Keywords

There are three keywords in each Liminality episode that flash across the screen. Each of these takes you to a field full of rare items. These are the keywords for Mutation. Λ (Lambda) Capricious, Unending, Corridor. Λ (Lambda) Bottomless, Soul, Kaleidoscope. Λ (Lambda) Lightless, Sacred, Remains.

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