Dual Gunner

Dual Gunner
Dual Gunner Haseo.jpgHaseo from .hack//G.U., holding his Dual Guns

The Dual Gunner is a class only accessible to the main character of the G.U games and is not a class that normal players can select. It is also one of the classes that appeared in The World R:2

[edit] Description

As the name suggests, the player in this class can use one gun in each hand. This gives the player an advantage of range and speed of attack at the same time, despite only shooting one shot from each weapon at a time. The Dual Guns can also reload quickly and at any given time, and are very powerful as well. In addition, the Dual Guns have a distinct amount of power that it can even send small monsters into the air due to the impact.

[edit] Examples

The only character that can use this class is Haseo in his Xth Form.

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