Descendants of Fianna

The Descendants of Fianna
Balmung and Orca, the true Descendants of Fianna that completed the One Sin event.

The Descendants of Fianna is a title which Orca (also known as "Orca of the Azure Sea") and Balmung (also known as "Balmung of the Azure Sky") received after completing the One Sin event (which was supposedly "unbeatable") in The World. This title is given to them by the web poet Hokuto.

The Descendants of Fianna

Damage done to the evil shaped one,
too massive to compare.
Balmung of the Azure Sky,
Orca of the Azure Sea,
together they gallop at full speed.
In the depth of my bosom,
your names shall remain.
You are none other than
the descendants of Fianna.
Together with the warrior
who wears the eyes of the stars.

- W.B. Yeats aka Hokuto

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