Real NameCubia
Character ClassAI
Japanese Voice ActorNone
English Voice ActorNone

Cubia is one of the final bosses in the .hack//Infection-Quarantine series, and makes his first appearance in .hack//Mutation. You fight him numerous times throughout the series, and finish him off for good in .hack//Quarantine prior to the final battle.

Very little is known about Cubia, but he somehow has ties to Kite's bracelet. Once Cubia disappears, Kite's bracelet also disappears which causes problems with the final phase battle as it's not known how to defeat the phases without the Data Drain ability.

During the various battles with Cubia, he releases what look like miniature Cubias, called Gomoras, that will attack your party, cast magic on your party, or heal the Cubia Core and the various other Gomoras. Cubia runs away on numerous occasions until your final battle with him, which puzzles those fighting the cursed wave as Cubia is thought to be one of the more powerful entities in the game and could most likely finish Kite and his party off if it wanted to in the first few battles.

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