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Name: Crim
Class: Long Arm
Hair Color: Blue in The World, unknown offline
Eye Color: Yellow in The World, unknown offline
Occupation: No specifics are mentioned but it requires a lot of travel
Age: About 25-30
Crim is one of the founders of the Crimison Knights. He is very easygoing and doesn't like to reveal too much about the real him in the real world. He thinks that a game is only a game and things that go on in The World should stay in The World, however he does break this ideal to give Subaru his phone number when he leaves The World for a while. For this reason Tsukasa's situation concerns him, as it goes against the ideal that The World is only a game and should stay like that. He doesn't seek the Key of the Twilight for personal gain, but only to prove that it either does or does not exist. When the series takes place he has already left the Crimison Knights.

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