Blackrose.jpgBlackRose as she appears in the .hack//Games
Real NameAkira Hayami
Character ClassHeavy blade
Japanese Voice ActorMasumi Asano
English Voice ActorWendee Lee

The main female protagonist of the original Project .hack Games, this spunky pink-haired heavy blade was one of the original dot hackers as well as an important character in the Twilight Incident.


[edit] Appearance

This powerful player has dark tanned skin, coupled with light pink-white markings on her face, shoulders, and arms. Her scarlet-violet armor compliments her light pink hair, and her red-auburn eyes that spark with the passion of a big sister.

[edit] Personality

After first meeting Kite, she is very confrontational and sassy, constantly demeaning the future hero (often times by calling him a "newbie"). However, later on it is revealed that her tough act was merely a facade she used to hide her own fear. In actuality, she was very much a newbie herself. (In fact, when you first meet her in the game she's at level 1.)

[edit] Relationships

BlackRose is friendly with nearly all of Kite's party. She sees the rare-treasure hunting Wavemaster, Mistral, as a sort of "big sister" type, as opposed to Natsume, the green-haired twin blade to whom she is somewhat of a mentor. BlackRose isn't, however, fond of Piros as she finds his dramatic and wacky mannerisms annoying, as well as Terajima Ryoko, whom she is jealous of for the attention she receives from Kite. (BlackRose developed a small crush on Kite, even though she'd never admit it.)

[edit] .hack//Games

We first meet BlackRose after Orca is data-drained by the First Phase of Morganna: Skeith. While keeping her motives secret for a while, BlackRose has to fight inner demons as the quest alongside Kite becomes deeper and more dangerous. She reveals that her brother, Kazu, was killed by a data bug in the game, rendering him comatose in the real world. After hearing Kite's similar situation with Orca, she allies herself with him in hopes of saving her brother.

BlackRose earned her stay as she helped to investigate the mysterious phenomena of The World. She arranged meetings with such players as Lios, Helba, and Wiseman. Alongside Kite and their other friends, like Mistral, BlackRose battled the Cursed Wave and Eight Phases of Morganna, forming what would posthumously be dubbed the "dot hackers".

In the final battle of the series, BlackRose went with Kite to finish off Corbenik, the 8th and Final Phase of Morganna, but was rendered comatose after being defeated. Luckily for her, Kite, along with Aura (the Ultimate AI) defeated Corbenik, awakening all those who had fallen into comas while playing The World, including BlackRose and her brother Kazu. The two were soon reunited thereafter and seemingly lived happily ever after.

[edit] Offline

The girl behind the character BlackRose, Akira Hayami, lives in Asahi Ward, Yokohama with her parents and two little brothers. She is in her first year of senior high, and loves to play tennis. Her dream is to one day play on Centre Court at Wimbledon.

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