Real NameNone
Character ClassAI
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[edit] Appearance

Aura has long white hair and blue eyes. Her white hair complements her white dress and wide scarf that loosely goes around her neck.

[edit] Background

Aura was made as the ultimate AI by Harald Hoerwick, the creator of The World. His reasons for creating her was to replace his deceased lover, Emma Wielant. Aura would become his and Emma's fictional daughter in order to 'continue her legacy'.

[edit] .hack//Sign

Aura as she appears in .hack//Sign.

Aura is the Key of the Twilight, and for most of the series has not yet been "born". In .hack//Sign once she is awakened Tsukasa is able to log out, and the only one who has access to see her is Tsukasa and later Subaru when he takes her to see her.

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