.hack Characters


[edit] Project .hack Games

Project .hack Characters
Project Hack Characters Group1.jpgL-R: (to be added).

[edit] .hack//G.U.

.hack//G.U. Characters
DotHack GU Chars Group.jpgL-R: Endrance, Ovan, Atoli, Yata, Haseo, Pi, Sakubo, Kuhn.

[edit] .hack//SIGN

Sign Characters
Signcharacters.jpgL-R:Mimiru, Helba, Bear, Tsukasa, Subaru, Crim, Sora, BT.

[edit] .hack//Liminality

[edit] .hack//Legend of the Twilight

[edit] .hack//ROOTS

[edit] .hack//AI BUSTER

[edit] .hack//Another Birth

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