Twin Blade

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Twin Blade
Kite-twinblade.jpgKite, a twin blade

The Twin Blade character class is the most balanced character class in The World.

[edit] The World R:1

The Twin Blade class in The World R:1 are noted for their fast moving speed and versatility of skills. While they are comfortable using both magical and physical attacks, they are not particularly adept at either. The Twin Blade weapons of The World R:1 often resembled short, metal daggers although could sometimes take on the appearance of claws or some other different shaped blades.

[edit] The World R:2

Alkaid, a Twin Blade from The World R:2
The Twin Blade character class reappears in The World R:2. The Twin Blades of The World R:2 are even more versatile than their R:1 predecessors. While their physical attacks are relatively weak, they are rapid and easy to turn into a string of combos, making for easy rengekis.

[edit] Examples

Some examples of Twin Blades are Kite, Moonstone, Natsume, Sora, and Alkaid.

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