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Character ClassFlick Reaper
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Zelkova is the leader of Moon Tree. He doesn't have any real ambition where has Sakaki, his division two leader, has great ambitions. This causes tension between Zelkova's followers ans Sakaki's.

[edit] Appearance

Haseo first meets Zelkova when Haseo and Pi is investigating an area infested with Adia. At the end of the dungeon, some Adia tries to infect Zelkova, but Pi pushes him out of the way only to get infected her self. Zelkova has golden eyes, sliver hair and Japanese-styled clothes. He carries around a over sized fan which turns into the Goddess Scythe when in combat. Zelkova wears horns on his head.

[edit] Personality

Zelkova is a great guild leader. He has many great qualities to make him one. He is very kind, understanding, compassionate and doesn't get angry. Zelkova is a pacifist and doesn't believe in PK or PKK. He forbids his members to PKK unless one of the members in the squad is PKed. He will forgive anyone who asks for it.

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