Real NameTakumi Hiro
Character ClassMacabre Dancer
Japanese Voice ActorTakumi Yamazaki
English Voice ActorSteven Jay Blum & Paul Dobson


[edit] Appearance

A tanned Macabre Dancer with a muscular build dressed in Red/orange robes. His main weapons are two Fans which when extended become two half blades. Most of his body is covered is light Wave Tattoos, including his forehead.

[edit] Background

Yata is the same character behind the legendary hacker Wiseman, Naobi the Guild leader of TaN and Nala the captain of Moon Tree's unit four. Due to his past as a hacker and information gatherer as Wiseman, CC decided to hire him as a System Administrator.

[edit] .hack//G.U.

His first move as an Admin was to capture Ovan as Naobi to run experiments on his arm, which was said to hold the same amount of data as a whole in game area. After a system malfunction that allowed Ovan to escape he learns about the anomaly codenamed AIDA. He then forms the group G.U., although the groups purpose is to investigate the AIDA phenomena Yata rarely leaves the G.U. base, The Serpent of Lore. He uses his uber Admin powers to monitor various parts of the game for any signs of abnormality, he keeps a particular eye on the seven users one of them being Haseo. He is first met after Haseo gets data drained by Tri-Edge. Throughout the G.U. games, Yata sends Haseo and the other members of G.U. to various locations to investigate strange activities which often result in the finding of AIDA or other anomalies.

[edit] Personality

Warning: This .hack// article section may contain plot spoilers.

He seems to have next to no mercy for innocent PC's usually making moves that would harm other players, but at the same time getting a job done. Later in the game you learn that Yata controls the epitaph Fidchell which is unleashed when Yata enters a fit of rage and jealousy cause by Ovan.

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