Walkthrough (II)

1: When Crap Hits the Fan… (Beginning to end of Tutorial)

So you’re the new recruit? Do you have what it takes to save the World? Huh? Huh? CAN YOU HANDLE THE PRESSURE!?

… Ahem. All fun aside, welcome to the World, a virtual reality where you play as a new player trying to have a good times before things go crazy. Now its up to you to terminate some seriously beefed-up monsters and figure out what the heck is going on!
Still, first thing first. Selecting from the menus is fairly simple. You move the left analog stick up and down- or the normal directional keys- and press X to select and confirm. From here, you can load, save, and start new files. Remember, SAVE OFTEN. No, I’m serious. If I didn’t save so many times, I’d be crying in frustration. Save every level or after every main quest. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Moving is also simple. You move with the same analog stick, and the camera is mapped to the R1/L1 buttons, turning right and left. Use the right stick to zoom in or out. Use the R2 button to reset the camera.

Now, for the buttons. The X button is for talking, smacking- only in portals, not severs- and confirming things. The [ ] button brings up the party attacks menu, where you can tell players in your party what attacks to use, or what basic strategy they should take… I wonder if that means you’re controlling their minds… (shifty look) I need to get me one of those… Huh? Oh, right! The /_\ button brings down your menu for attacks and spells. If you move down, you can also see your items and scrolls too. The best part is that you can administer things to other party members too, so if you’re having a tough time with a monster, you can give performance-enhancing potions- which sounds an awful lot like drugs- to your buddies… Imagine a really strong friend with an axe and some “performance enhancing” potions… Instant roadkill! This menu is good if you know a party member’s about to die and the spell would take too long to cast. The 0 button is for canceling out of menus.

I: When Crap Hits the Fan…
-Contains things from the beginning to System Error (When Skieth appears)

Okay, hit the on switch of your PS 2- and your TV- and watch the screen! I demand it of you! After a bizarre, beautiful, seizure-inducing intro, you’ll be taken to the main menu. You can toggle with the options, but I normally go straight to the game. Hit new game… Yup, stating the obvious… Now watch another weird cutscene with a giant, glowing rock and a (German?) speaking prophecy. Thank God they have subtitles. Still, the idea of what Emma Watson was trying to get across is beyond me. Something about Dragons and a Wave… Whatever.

Then comes a voice, which belongs to your main character. Put in whatever user name you please. You get to choose a name for your character too! Yay.
WARNING: I know its tempting, but DO NOT name yourself things like God or Champ! There are rumors of players who have had bad things randomly happen to them, like a sudden death screen or curses laid upon their heads! DON’T DO IT!
You can choose a new name, or leave it as Kite. In this Walkthrough, I’ll just call him Kite.

From there, it takes you to a desktop screen. There are a lot of buttons, so I’ll take you through it. There’s The World, which, well, takes you to the World. There’s the News button, which lets you know about news in the world, like toilets for cats and… Well, that stuff. XD There’s the mailer, where you get emails from other characters… or the administration. There’s accessory, where you can choose layouts and art to put on your screen, many of which are unlockable through certain things in the game. Then there’s audio, for choosing what music you want on the screen- also unlockable- and Data, for loading and saving.

Go ahead and read whatever you want. They provide details about elemental hits, treasures, and where to go if you want more information on status effects and whatnot… Much better than what I can tell you.
Now comes the fun part. Go ahead and hit “The World” and- viola! Another menu! This time, it has a message board- be sure to check it, challenges, comments, and notices do pop in there during the game. Go ahead and check it out, everything there is important to know, like defense, armors, and status effects. Even veterans should go, there are a number of extra little notes you don’t normally see in other games.
When you’re done, exit that screen and select Log-In.

You’ll pop into the Delta server, or Mac Anu. This is a great server for beginners… And the only one you can get at the moment. Orca- Yasuhiko- will strike up a conversation with you. It turns out that he’s really well-known in the World- as he should be, seeing that he’s level 50 and all. Aren’t you glad he’s YOUR friend? Still, he’ll give you a short tutorial on member addresses. Hit the /_\ button and select party. From there, select add, then Orca. His name and health now appears under your speech bubbles, right next to yours. He tells you a little more about flash mail, and how you have to be in a town and in the World to receive them. He also comments that going solo doesn’t really help you- its true. As a Twinblade, you’ll be depending on your teammates to help you out… You’re fast, but that’s more or less the most outstanding thing about you.

Back to that later on. For now, Listen to what Orca has to say about Chaos Gates and making new keywords- you’ll be using this thing constantly. Be sure to really pay attention when he says things about the Jewels- it’ll have you from some accidental game over screens. He’ll let you put in the keywords of an easy area, and then hit warp.

Listen to yet another tutorial on camera controls and why you need to adjust it.
Now he starts to talk about the map. You can use select to either make it cover your range or the whole field. The red arrow if for dungeons, and the blue puddle is for the Myst Spring. The Myst is affected by weather and the field its on. I’ll get into it later. The red arrow with a white top is you, and the direction you’re facing… It’s actually useful when you don’t see the dungeon on the screen.
Okay, this is the bulk of what your game time is spent on. Head for a portal, and whack away at enemies using the X button, or perform spells and skills- attacks or magic that vary by what kinds of weapons/armor you have- and show your stuff. For the first enemy, you have to use basic attacks- just keep hitting the X button. Orca talks more about skills and how to use party commands. Go ahead and hit First Aid. You can go straight for the dungeon, or wait around and get experience by slaughtering those poor little goblins. I prefer to slaughter them. ^-^

You can waste time by trying to strike them, or you can just wait for the incredibly strong Orca to kill them for you. Due to impatience, I just let him kill them- you still get experience.
After visiting the dungeon and listening to more things on opening chests, some chick in white flies through the dungeon, and this weird rock thing with a really pointy red staff chases after it. Orca gets worried, and now you’re supposed to chase after it.
Still, check the room to the left to learn about booby trapped rooms and fight a portal for another exit. This one goes down, further into the dungeon. The beasts are likely to get a little stronger, but with Orca, you shouldn’t worry.

Keeping going through all the rooms- there’s only three down here- and get Steel Blades from the Gott statue. Go ahead to the equipment page and try them on. The red move means that you won’t have this ability, and the green is what you will get once equipped. The symbols on the bottom of the pages represent status effects and resistance. To the left of that are your stats as a whole.

Now that you’re armed and hopefully dangerous, head back the way you came-
What?! That girl showed up? Skieth just completely owned Orca, and now its- wait, System Error!? Suddenly, that book just fixed itself in YOUR body. Some weird girl is watching you as Kite’s unconscious, and it’s freaking me out…
There will be a black screen where Kite’s Player tells you that Yasuhiko’s hospitalized, and it doesn’t sound good.
So now you know why I named this section “When Crap Hits the Fan”- this is what starts your storyline. There’s an email sent by the Corporation about server problems.

What the hell!?

Part II: Newbies and Wardrobe changes...
-Introduces trading
-Up until the first Data bug

.hack Infection Part II

~ Continuing…~

Go ahead and make your way to the boards. Once there, Kite will post up a desperate plea for help and information on Yasuhiko’s coma.

If you try to log in now, you’ll be told that the servers are down at the moment… Surprise.

Instead, open a new message in your mailer.

… Apparently, weird girls in white can’t spell. Still the last three lines are blatanly obvious…

‘’Please. Hel? 3e.

Okay… That’s weird.

Now you can go ahead to the World.

The comes a cutscene. The first thing you’ll notice is a pink-haired whacko running around in circles and then proceeding to tear you apart.

… How sweet of her.

Then, Kite will think and a dialogue box lets you know that he needs weapons and info. Sure thing, boss.

I’ll now explain the map. The golden circle is the chaos gate, where you’ll be warping to areas like the field from earlier. The scroll is the recorder, who well… Records information. He’s your save point. The potion picture represents the store of healing and “boosting potions” (cough-drugs-cough). The swords are obviously the weapon shop and the staff is the store of attacking magic scrolls. The elf head- elf abuse!- is the Elf’s Haven (not much of one if there’s an elf head…) where you can store items, weapons, or whatever else you’re too lazy to cart around.

Now, back to business.

First, head for the item shop (potion symbol) and sell your Doll and Candy.

Hold onto the Amateur Blades, though- they’re great for trading.

If you see a guy named Task- a Longarm, or pikeman, go ahead and select trade.

The four stars under approval need to be filled before the trade will take place.
First, select what you want. Here, I’ll try the Spark Blades. Then, I select what I’ll give in return.

Drinks and Antidotes aren’t worth too much to him, so don’t bother. Normally, I’d trade off lower armor and weapons or scrolls. This time I’ll select the Amateur Blades (1 star), the Lovers (1 star), and one Mage’s Soul. By the way, if you want to reselect an item and try something else, use the circle button. For more than one item you want to trade in your inventory, hit X again. Pretty easy, eh?

Viola, Spark Blades. Now you know how to trade. In addition, I should let you know that the circle with the line through it means the types of people listed after it can’t sue the weapon/accessory/armor.

Don’t bother trying to talk to BlackRose (BR)- she’ll blow you off. So, you can continue spending time trading with NPCs or just move on.

For now, I’ll trade again. A-kichi has a Lv. 5 Twinblade weapon called Fuse Blades. Be sure to use triangle to see their stats before trading- it’s a great habit. After comparing it to my current weapon, I decided to trade. I offered my Sparkl Blades (3 stars), The Lovers (1 star), and the Death (1 star). So now I can go to my equipment page and selcet the Fuse Blades to equip. Hello, Thunder Dance! Then, I traded them again with Koji for Shadow Blades.

-Note that different characters value different things, so don’t give up.

Case in point, John. Just talking to him lets you know he has a current obsession with Cooked Bile… eww. Cooked Bile, like some items, is found only by breaking objects in certain kinds of dungeons. He won’t trade his awesome items for ANYTHING else. Instead, the next time you go to a dungeon, save items like Cooked Bile and sports Drink and later leave it in the Haven, so you don’t waste space or items.

When you’re done, head for the Chaos Gate and activate for a small conversation with BR. Select yes.

… If she doesn’t stop calling me a newbie…

Anyway, she gives you her member address and keywords to visit. Call her up, Player (XD) and she’ll join your little party. Investigate the gate (XD) and go to word list, selecting the one with a new checkmark next to it.

This place is WEIRD. For the record, this is the only cathedral in .hack infection. Which means its really important. After hearing BR’s reaction, talk to her again for a laugh.

Ha, and she called ME a newbie! Now fun time’s over, so head into the church.

Creepy music? Hey, isn’t that the theme song?

Inside, its even worse. BR freaks out again, causing Kite to roll his eyes. She comments over the Gothic statue and Kite realizes that BR is a grade A newbie.

Then comes Blamug, some freaky crap, BR freaks (again) and you’re told something about opening a book.

… Only in the World. You automatically use the Book of Twilight, in its unoriginal named glory.

Some more freaky stuff happens and Kite gets an abrupt, unwanted wardrobe change. Next thing you know, you have a virus core.

Balmug has a tantrum, and BR comes to the rescue, and another perlious situation has been avoided.

Then comes another cutscene with notorious hacker Helba and famous Balmug.

Kite tells BR what ahppened, BR gets worried, Kite gets confused and the screen blacks out. BR says things that sound very much like a shy romance novel, and leaves.

Go ahead and save again… Unless you want to go through that long cutscene all over again.

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