Silver Knight

Silver Knight
Silver Knight.pngSilver Knight (unofficially known as Ginkan)
Real NameUnknown
Character ClassBlademaster
Japanese Voice ActorIsshin Chiba
English Voice ActorDoug Rye


[edit] Appearance

Silver Knight has an overall attire slightly similar to the one of a medieval knight. His body armor covers his knees, fore-arms, lower chest, and upper torso (including his shoulders and upper chest/neck). He also wears a knight-like helmet that covers most of his head except his mouth and has red, glowing eyes. Also, two horns sprout from his helmet on both sides.

[edit] Personality

Silver Knight has a very strong sense of righteousness and will stop at nothing until justice is served.

[edit] .hack//Sign

In .hack//Sign, Silver Knight is the second in command of the Crimson Knights. He doesn't entirely agree with Subaru's idea that the Crimson Knights are only ordinary players and that they shouldn't have any more power than the other players. For this reason he throughout the series begins to doubt her and eventually tries to defy her, resulting in her disbanding the knights. Later on he devotes himself to protecting Subaru.

[edit] Offline

In the real world, the player behind Silver Knight works at a video store and is 23 years old, as he declared to Mimiru on one occasion. His real name is never revealed.

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