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Character ClassBlade Brandier
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Silabus is the green and light green Blade Brandier with brown hair and is full of heart. He is first introduced in the anime .hack//Roots, even though he doesn't have much of a big role in it. We see him with Gaspard and Kuhn when Tabby is wanting to talk with Kuhn, and is never really mentioned again until the first //G.U. game, Rebirth. Silabus is one of the two players who Haseo directly contacts with after his character was reformatted and both Salibus and Gaspard offered their help to the newbie-like Haseo for they were members of the guild Canard, a guild dedicated to helping newbie players get started in the world. Silabus takes Haseo and Gaspard to an area where they try to teach the game to Haseo, despite his rudeness by yelling at them saying that he already knows how to play. Silabus soon teaches something Haseo never learned, and after that realizes that Haseo really isn't a newbie to the game and is actually the Terror of Death. Later on Silabus is used to help Haseo advance in the Demon Palace tournament since at that time Haseo didn't have many other options for teammates. Silabus was reliable during the Demon Palace tournament except for when Gaspard was having some troubles, and being the kind hearted best friend of Gaspard, he went to his side and deeply apologized to Haseo.

Silabus isn't featured very much until the third game, Redemption, where he has to be alongside Gaspard and wonder what has been happening to The World. First the main issue was the PK-ing (Player Killing) in the towns. It wouldn't have affected him and Gaspard that much if it wasn't in Breg Epona, since that was where their guild was sent to, but sadly, PK-ing was in Breg Epona. The second issue was when the third network crisis was drawing near and everyone was to be sent to Tartarga Netslum when Cubia was taking over the town servers. He and Gaspard had no clue what was happening, but stood strong as they helped to defeat the Cubia Gamoras in the lost grounds, fighting to protect the world they loved, both to play and to exist in.

Silabus is the green and light green Blade Brandier who was welcomed into the world by Kuhn and joined his guild Canard, and was put in charge when Kuhn when to Raven, and then switched leadership over to Haseo. He loves playing The World and seeing it in shambles only made his heart stronger to fight back to protect it.

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