Real NameShino Nano
Character ClassHarvest Cleric
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Shino is Haseo's best friend in The World R:2. Unfortunately, Shino was PKed by Tri-Edge and was put into a coma in real life. Haseo then swore that he would get revenge against Tri-Edge for putting Shino in a coma. After the destruction of Adia and Cubia, Shino returns to the game and comes back from her coma. Shino had met Ovan in the real world.

[edit] Appearance

Shino is a dressed in black with sliver hair Harvest Cleric. She use to to be dressed in white with pink hair instead of sliver with a teardrop tattoo under her left eye, but she changed to black because she was waiting for Ovan to come back.

[edit] Personality

Shino is a very kind and polite, though she is distant to people. She never expresses her feelings to anyone except her best friend Ovan, who later becomes Haseo. She is a very depressed woman, who seems composed and kept together.

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