Real NameToru Uike
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Sakaki is one of the leaders of Moon Tree. He leads the Second Divison with Atoli as one of the members in his division. Throughout the games, Sakaki becomes one of the major antagonists.

[edit] Appearance

Sakaki first meets Haseo with Atoli. He confronts Haseo about how PKKs, like Haseo, have been making The World's disorder. He also tells Haseo that he is absolutely no different from a regular PKer. Haseo completely ignores Sakaki and tells him that there is a reason for him becoming a PKK. He has piercing black eyes, and long emerald hair pulled back into a ponytail with an ornate clip.

[edit] Personality

Sakaki is devoted to making The World free from things that bring disorder to it, such as PKs. As is the reason for him joining Moon Tree. Sakaki's course of action chosen for his attempts at preventing PK's + PKK's is preaching. Though truth be told, it doesn't work too well. He is a very skilled leader and he has split up Moon Tree from the leader, Zelkova, and him self.

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