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Real NameMasato Indou
Character ClassSteam Gunner
Japanese Voice ActorHiroki Tohchi
English Voice ActorMichael Kopsa (.hack//Roots) Jamieson Price (.hack//G.U.)

Ovan is the male main antagonist of the .hack//G.U. series.(Rebirth, Reminince, Redemption). He is actually the true Tri-Edge that Haseo has been looking for the whole time.

In the anime, Virus Cores (first introduced in the .hack//Games series) appear in different sets of colors and are the stepping stones to finding the Key of Twilight. Ovan depended on Haseo in finding the last Virus Core they needed, as he said Haseo has a special trait that would make it possible. Ovan is probably referring to Haseo being an Epitaph User.

The thing every character knows about Ovan is that he is the guild master of the Twilight Brigade, which is dedicated to finding a legendary item, the Key of Twilight. The members of the guild are Ovan, Shino, Haseo, Tabby, and Sakisaka. Former members who quit were Gord and B-Set.

His famous characteristic is that his arm is encased in a lock. It certainly is not a legal character model and people say that Ovan hacked his PC to get it the way it is. The arm is the clue that leads to the true chaos occurring in the world. The three scar signs, known as Sign, are not truly made by Azure Kite but Ovan himself. However, in the first game, Azure Kite can travel using the signs.


[edit] Appearance

He sports a blue and white color scheme in most of his clothes' features and wears a blue scarf around his neck, along with a giant metal barrel, which his left arm is encased in. He also wears orange sunglasses and has blue, short hair.

[edit] Personality

[edit] .hack//Games

Near the end of the second game, Ovan finally reveals his arm to Haseo. Inside the lock is a black hatchet-like weapon in his hand, long black blade coming out of his shoulders. Using these two weapons as well as his own Bayonet, Ovan slashes in a form that creates the Sign. At the time, he attacked Pi, Atoli and Haseo. Earlier on in the second series, Ovan is confronted by Azure Kite, Azure Balmung, and Azure Orca, who had been hunting him as an anomaly in the system. The three attacked Ovan and, supposedly, Ovan had defeated them using the arm. Interestingly enough, Corbenik's Avatar is modeled more in a humanoid figure than its original form in the Project .hack franchise. It was actually the AIDA in his arm, the real Tri-Edge, who murdered Shino and caused her to be a Lost One.

[edit] .hack//G.U.

In the last volume of .hack//G.U., it is revealed that Ovan's motivation is to save his little sister Aina who was the first victim of his arm, which was infected by AIDA. Ovan sought to purge the system of AIDA with his Avatar's Rebirth ability, which can only be triggered if the Avatar Skeith the Terror of Death struck Corbenik down after absorbing the power of the other seven Phases. All of his masterminding and careful manipulation of others has been solely to make Skeith's Epitath User, Haseo, strong enough to accomplish that task.

[edit] Offline

Ovan is rather a mysterious character that no one really knows about. During the .hack//Roots series, he appears to have a close relationship with Shino. Shino indicates that she knows him in real life, outside The World, as well. He usually never shares any personal things to anyone except her. An example of this is shown in episode 7 of .hack//Roots when he tells Shino that he needs to go back to work and that he usually goes on The World quite far into his working hours, which worries Shino.

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