Real NameYasuhiko
Character ClassBlademaster
Japanese Voice ActorYasunori Masutani
English Voice ActorKirk Thornton

Orca is one of the Descendants of Fianna and a well-known Blademaster that destroyed the One Sin along with Balmung.


[edit] Appearance

Orca has long hair that falls back from his face. Most of his torso and face is covered with green paint. Also, he also has various white patterns that cross his chest, legs, arms, elbows and face. He wears very little armor, except parts of armor on his knees, left shoulder and hips.

[edit] Personality

He is a very friendly person online and he likes to help newbies out and show them how the game works, despite being a popular player in the game. He also likes to get in character often and changes his way of speaking to the one of a medieval warrior. His friendly personality and helpful intentions have made him a lot of friends in The World.

[edit] .hack

[edit] .hack//AI Buster

In .hack//AI Buster, Orca had teamed up with his partner Balmung and together they managed to complete the supposedly unbeatable event The One Sin. For beating this event, they had received the title "The Descendants of Fianna" by the web poet Hokuto.

[edit] .hack//Games

Orca, after convincing his real life friend Kite to join and about to receive a strange book from Aura, is attacked by the monster Skeith. When Skeith attacks him, he is Data Drained and falls into a coma in the real world. He is also one of the main purposes as to why Kite explores The World to find out the mysteries of what happened to him.

[edit] Offline

In real life, Orca (or Yasuhiko by his real name) goes to Junior High School and is friends with Kite. He also was the one who convinced Kite to enter The World.

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