Real NameNatsume Oguro
Character ClassTwin Blade

Natsume, the sole female twin blade in the .hack//Games, is a young and naive girl who joins Kite's party after receiving a rare weapon from him. Looking to change her shy and awkward personality, she begins playing The World.


[edit] Appearance

This shy twin blade wears a short, blue one-piece dress decorated with various triangular wave patterns. She has short blue-green hair that spikes out in all directions on the ends. Her eyes, oddly, appear always to be closed, giving her a permanent "^_^" smile.

[edit] Personality

Natsume is a determined individual. While she may be naive and shy on the outside she tries her hardest to fight alongside Kite and always gives it her all in The World. She has a lot of positive energy and a good outlook. However, there is speculation over her pessimistic emails where she clearly denotes and demeans her abilities. While she doesn't give her own skills much credit, she is actually stronger and more capable than she lets on. Natsume forms strong feelings toward Kite as the games progress onward, and in an email she clearly states she is in love with him. In the game .hack//G.U. vol 3 Redemption, she states her taste in men are leaders who wear red and give her spiral edge. It's obvious she is still very much obsessed with Kite even after 7 years.

[edit] .hack//Games

We first meet Natsume after she goes in search of a rare level 6 twin-blade weapon, the Spiral Edge. Kite reads about the dungeon on the message board, and when he arrives, he finds Natsume searching throughout the area for the rare weapon. Upon finding it, Kite gives it to Natsume, who in turn gives Kite her member address. Other than that incident, Natsume really plays no great role in the .hack//Games other than a character in Kite's party with a few side-missions. Like most of the party, however, she was in attendance at the final battle against Corbenik in which she was temporarily rendered comatose in the real world but was soon thereafter revived by Kite's efforts.

[edit] .hack//G.U.

After the defeat of the 7 Chaotic PKs, Haseo reads about a powerful 8th PK on the message boards by the name of "Natsume the Edgemaniac". After defeating her in battle, he meets her in Breg Epona where it is revealed that she is a friend of Piros the 3rd.

[edit] Personality

Natsume appears to suffer from two separate personalities. Usually she is her old shy, naive self, however she can snap and PK anyone in her way. She claims not to remember these PKing fits she goes through, stating that it could have been a hacker, or some kind of prank on her played by Helba. Natsume's goal in The World is to find Tri-Edge which she believes to be a weapon for twin-blades.

[edit] Offline

Natsume's full name is Natsume Oguro, and she is in 9th grade attending her final year of middle school. Her online personality is the same as that of her offline; she is very naive and shy and sometimes gets sick before having to run the track. She also works as a librarian and is a good cook, specializing in beef dishes. Natsume is a sci-fi fan and enjoys books like The Lord of the Rings.

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