Real NameUnknown
Character ClassTwin Blade
Japanese Voice ActorSayaka Aida
English Voice ActorMona Marshall

Kite is the main character of the .hack//Games.


[edit] Appearance

Kite is a blue-haired, blue-eyed young boy who wears mostly red clothing. He wears red pants, a red hat, and a red vest over a long-sleeved, white shirt. His pants have a semi-techno pattern and his hat also has a distinct symbol on the front. He also wields one blade backwards on each hand, hence his Twin Blade class. Two triangular-shaped tattoos are imprinted on both of his cheeks.

[edit] Personality

Kite has a straightforward and cheerful personality. He likes to help when others need him and he seems like he will stop whatever he's doing to help anyone in trouble. Due to his optimistic personality, he has many friends in The World. BlackRose is a friend of Kite and he likes to spend his time with her when he's logged on. He logs in to The World in order to investigate and save his friend Yasuhiko from his coma.

[edit] .hack//Games

Yasuhiko, Kite's close friend, had invited him to play in The World. However, things go awry when an odd monster named Skeith appears and kills Yasuhiko's character (Orca) after a strange girl named Aura tried to give Orca a book. Just as Skeith was about to attack Kite, a hacker named Helba stopped the monster and saved Kite by booting him from the server with the book. All seemed fine until Kite learned that Yasuhiko had fallen into a coma soon after their encounter with the creature. This led to Kite investigating what had happened after he deducted that his friend's state was due to the previous event in The World.

As he explored The World further, he meets other important characters, like BlackRose, Elk, Mia, Mistral, Piros, Wiseman and Balmung.

He also gained two abilities (Data Drain and Gate Hacking) after an encounter with a Data Bug which caused the Book of Twilight to activate and grant him the Twilight Bracelet. This bracelet gave him these abilities. With these newly acquired abilities, he sets out to explore The World and delve into the deep mysteries that surround it. As he further explores the game, he discovered clues left by the game's creator, Harald Hoerwick, and learns about the way The World truly works.

[edit] Offline

Kite is a young, 14-year-old boy whose real name is never actually revealed. He goes to Junior High School along with his close friend Yasuhiko. Being a soccer fan, he loves to play it with his friends though he is not on an official team. He is also a fan of science fiction books and his favorite food is beef stew.

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