Real NameHaruka Mizuhara
Character ClassWavemaster
Japanese Voice ActorN/A
English Voice ActorN/A

Hokuto, the experienced oldie masquerading as a new wavemaster clad in white, is a main character in the .hack//AI Buster novels.

[edit] Appearance

Hokuto sports a revealing white bikini-esque outfit coupled with a large, white witch's hat. She has violet eyes and long, golden hair. On her legs are white boots that go up past her knees.

[edit] Personality

The woman behind Hokuto, Haruka Mizuhara, created this new character in an attempt to avoid her boss when playing in The World. To hide herself within the game, she used a voice altering software to make her sound like a young girl in her teens. To go along with her act, Hokuto acts very hyper and clueless when playing in The World, however as soon as she meets someone who recognizes her true identity she drops the newbie facade and acts like the mature woman that she really is. Her original character, dating back to the days of Fragment, is W.B. Yeats.

[edit] Role in //AI Buster

Hokuto is one of the main characters featured in the .hack//AI Buster novels. She first spots Albireo and his mysterious weapon, the Spear of Wotan. Becoming interested, she tricked him into forming a party with her. As soon as this happened, she discovered the existence of the mysterious Lycoris, becoming the only other person (besides Albireo) to have seen her. Soon after, she went with Albireo to witness Orca and Balmung defeat the One Sin event. At the same time, Haruka Mizuhara (the woman behind Hokuto) became infatuated with Albireo and, using her original character, W.B. Yeats, wrote a poem depicting the events taking place during the battle of the One Sin, a thing witnessed only by Albireo and Hokuto. Albireo recognized her at once, and eventually the two met in real life at a cafe. The events taking place after this meeting are unknown, however they seem to hint at the two falling in love.

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