Real NameHelba
Character ClassWavemaster
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Helba is a famous hacker in The World, as can be seen by the illegally modified character she uses in The World. She rarely takes an active role in the events of The World, and seems to prefer watching and assisting from afar, and is said to be playing God. She has numerous assistants that aid her as well, including Bith the Black who makes an appearance in .hack//Liminality. She is named after the Queen of Darkness in the Epitaph of Twilight, which The World was created in the image of.

Helba makes a brief appearance in .hack//Sign toward the end and helps Tsukasa, Mimiru, and Subaru escape from Skeith, in addition to providing her secret area, Net Slum, as a safehaven briefly before Aura's awakening. She is also seen in .hack//Infection-Quarantine and plays a major role in both convincing Balmung to help them fight the Cursed Wave, and meets with Kite several times in Net Slum to help them herd the Cursed Wave to an area in which Kite can fight and destroy them. After the end of .hack//Quarantine her member address becomes available and you can play with her in your party.

She also makes an appearance in .hack//Gift, a bonus episode that comes with .hack//Quarantine.

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