Real NameDaijirou Washio
Character ClassEdge Punisher
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

Gabi is the leader of Kestral. When Haseo and Kuhn travel to Kestral's @home to stop Bordeaux from PKing the people who shop at Canard's guildshop, he refuses to stop her. Although, he promised he would enforce Bordeaux's promise to stop attacking them if Haseo and group beat her in the arena. Gabi becomes very impressed with Haseo when he beats Endrence for the title of Demon Palace Emperor.

[edit] Appearance

Gabi is a very big character of the Ya Tribe. He wields a giant sword with Kestral's symbol on it while covered in armor all over. Gabi's facial hair is groomed to look like horns.

[edit] Personality

Gabi is pretty laid back, but has very strong believes in freedom. He believes that people can play the game how they want, from PKing to running a shop. Gabi's guild, Kestral, is full of PKers, yet he isn't one himself. Gabi is very intelligent, but acts stupid with his sort answers. The members of Kestral are all very loyal to Gabi. Gabi refuses to read messages that are more than three lines long.

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