Episode 6: Encounter

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Mimiru and B.T. are in the middle of a face off. Bear tries to break the tension by saying how nice a day it is outside, but is told to be quiet. Mimiru demands an explination from B.T. about what happened and why she told Mimiru to tell Tsukasa about the Guardian-toting swordsman. B.T. just plays innocent and says she heard it from another player, and that the Crimison Knights probably heard it from someone else. Mimiru thinks it still sounds suspicious, and doesn't trust her. Bear breaks up the fight, and B.T. comments that Mimiru is probably just taking her anger out on her. They agree that arguing about it doesn't do any good, and Mimiru says the answer is obvious and that they need to simply rescue Tsukasa.
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Subaru is being taken to the place where Tsukasa is and asks Silver Knight to just stand guard outside and not listen in. Tsukasa is sitting inside, prisoner. Subaru first apologizes for what the Knights to, and says she really wanted to be able to talk to him. Tsukasa comments about how plesant the air smells. Subaru asks if he can still sense these things even though it's just a game, and she doesn't think he's lying. She asks what he's planning to do next, Tsukasa tells her that it's up to her what he does next. She tells him that if he doesn't do anything reckless they have no reason to detain him any more, Tsukasa agrees if she promises for the Knights to just leave him alone. She does promise to do everything within her power to keep them from bothering him. She asks if he knows anything about the Key of the Twilight, but he says he knows nothing about it. Meanwhile Mimiru goes to meet Sora, and after being irritated at Sora for selling Tsukasa out to the Crimison Knights. He asks her if she wants to know at any cost, she agrees, but he just goes. He wants her to help him out.
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Sora goes to where Tsukasa is being detained, and kills off Silver Knight and the other knights standing guard. He then barges in on Subaru and Tsukasa and takes him. While Tsukasa and Sora are escaping, Crim shows up at the enterance and fights Sora. Crim and Sora fight while Tsukasa escapes and is met at the dungeon enterance by Mimiru. He follows her to a field where they're going to meet Sora once he's done with Crim. Mimiru tries to apologize to Tsukasa, but he refuses to talk to her, and once she's done he asks her if she's done and if he can leave. She asks him if he hates being with her that much, he says yes. She asks him to stay a little longer, because Sora is coming soon as well. He comments that she was just there to take him somewhere and hand him back over to Sora. She says that's not true and she's only concerned about his well being, he says everyone's just being selfish and that's not true. He soon warps out, and Sora shows up a few seconds later. He's irritated with Mimiru because she let Tsukasa get away. Subaru and Silver Knight are talking, and Silver Knight wants to issue a warrant for the arrest of both Sora and Tsukasa, but Subaru refuses saying she has a plan. Silver Knight wants to know, but Subaru refuses.
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He asks her to tell him what she and Tsukasa were talking about, Subaru only says that Tsukasa is in a prison even before they bound and captured him. They walk out of the dungeon together, and Crim is waiting outside. Crim tells Silver Knight to become stronger to protect Subaru. Subaru tells him not to listen and she warps to Mac Anu, the Delta Server Root Town. Crim says he didn't think he'd regret quitting the Crimison Knights as much as he did then. Mimiru and Bear are talking, and she asks him why he covers for B.T. all the time. He says he doesn't cover for her, and asks if Mimiru wanted to interrogate B.T. again, but Mimiru comments that B.T. would only deny things again and laugh at her. B.T. and Mimiru meet in the middle of a bridge, and B.T. tells Mimiru to check the message boards. Another Guardian like Tsukasa's was sighted, but it alone. It showed up after an ordinary monster was killed. The monster revived into The Guardian and the players that sighted it ran for it. Subaru and Silver Knight are talking about the news, there have been sightings on 3 different servers. They all showed up at the same time.
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Silver Knight says maybe the monsters are looking for Tsukasa, but Subaru comments that Tsukasa only carried 1 Guardian with him. Silver Knight then theorizes that the monster is seeking revenge for the capture of Tsukasa. Subaru asks why he says such things, and says that The Guardian is part of a bigger flow of things and that Tsukasa are only a victim. She says that they don't know where the flow is coming from, but people are noticing it. She gives him new orders to not persue Tsukasa and tells Silver Knight to warn players about the monsters and not to fight against the monsters. Subaru wants to know where the bigger problems are coming from, and is sure that it will continue to get bigger until something must be done about it. Tsukasa meanwhile is with Aura, saying he won't go anywhere or see anyone anymore.

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