Episode 2: Guardian

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The episode begins with Tsukasa feeding a baby Grunty at the Grunty Ranch, then having Bear talk to him about the boards. Tsukasa just says it wasn't his problem and walks away. He sees Mimiru on the road away from the ranch and ignores her. Her and Bear meet and talk about Tsukasa's not being able to log out and the Crimison Knights looking for the cat player.
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Meanwhile, Sora is trying to catch B.T. and get her member address. B.T. simply insults him and refuses to give her member address, Sora kills her. Subaru is being informed of how the Crimison Knights are trying to catch Tsukasa by guarding the Chaos Gates. The knight talking to her tells her of how fond the Silver Knight is of her. The knight goes to guard duty at the Chaos Gate and sees Tsukasa warp there and then to a new field. B.T. later talks to Bear, complaining about how she was killed by Sora and lost all her progress from last night. Maha finds Tsukasa and silently tells him that there's an area he can be alone in that is off limits to other characters.
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He goes to the dungeon with a secret area to warp to it, and is followed there by Sora who is looking to get his member address then kill him. Tsukasa never notices Sora and escapes to the secret field without Sora's noticing him go. He goes to the field and sees Aura for the first time. Morgana tells him to contact Mimiru and meet with her. Mimiru, B.T., and Bear are discussing how the Crimison Knights let Tsukasa slip away. And since the only way to get to another server is to use the Chaos Gate, he should be on the same server. But he was sighted in another server.
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Sora goes to see some patrolling Crimison Knights and asks the knights if the wavemaster they are looking for seems to be really depressed. They demand information, but he tells them that he asked first. They tell him, then Sora says "Thanks for the info" and runs away. Later, Mimiru and Bear both go to see him. Bear finds out that Tsukasa isn't in front of a computer and actually lives inside the game, and that Tsukasa has a way to move without the Chaos Gate. He tells Bear and Mimiru that he was "given the power". Then he says that it was a different power that defeated the Silver Knight.
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Mimiru tells him that the Silver Knight offline was found unconscious at his computer and didn't know what had happened. The Guardian comes to protect Tsukasa when he runs away and Mimiru runs after him. Tsukasa loses control of it, and Maha shows up to send the Guardian away.

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