Episode 1: Role Play

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The series begins with Tsukasa waking up in the treasure room of a dungeon. He gets up, wondering where he is, only to be walked in on by Mimiru. She greets him, and he warps out of the dungeon to a field. The Crimison Knights show up to where he is sitting and ask him about a cat player character he was seen with, and he says that he has nothing to say and warps out.
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He goes to a place known as the Chaos Gate, used for logging out, and sees Mimiru again, who is annoyed by his silence. She asks about his disappearing in front of the Crimison Knights and he says that if it gets him into trouble he'll just stop accessing The World for a while. He then attempts to log out, only to realize he can't log out. Then he goes to ride a Grunty for a while and have some fun. He upgrades a weapon at a Monsieur pool, and attacks the Monsieur. Bear sees him and greets him, offering to help him out, and Tsukasa again warps away. Then it goes to a cut scene with Subaru and the Silver Knight, they are discussing the current problems of The World, then see Tsukasa sitting at the water's edge.
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Tsukasa goes back to the Chaos Gate and tries to log out again. Mimiru shows up and he asks her if she can log in and out, and Tsukasa gets trailed by Mimiru until he explains that he can't log out. She thinks he might have angered the Crimison Knights, he tries to run away, she stops him. He asks her to leave him alone, she slaps him and walks away. He realizes that it hurts when she slaps him, and that he really is locked inside The World.
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He goes to a dungeon, the last place he remembers being in, and sees the cat PC, known as Maha, who nuzzles the chest in the treasure room and dissappears. Tsukasa opens the chest, it contained a strange tablet and he heard a voice that said "I've been waiting for you for such a long time... I need you, just as you need me. Let us walk together, as long as we walk together, I shall protect you." Tsukasa goes to the enterance of the dungeon to leave, only to find Silver Knight there.
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He tries to warp out, but a barrier has been set up. Silver Knight attacks, and Tsukasa is thrown to the side of a wall, about to be killed. The Guardian the comes out of a wall and kills Silver Knight, and Tsukasa realizes what the person saying "As long as we walk together, I shall protect you" meant. Then a cut scene is shown from the real world of what is happening to Tsukasa. He is on the ground with paramedics at their house, in a coma.

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